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Welcome to the August Product Release 2018

This year’s August Product release yields five very special new pieces of Alchymeic Jewellery and six Wands. They appear at this time as a whole new shift in Consciousness is taking place – a new level of awakening – a new level of understanding. This new current is the actualizing of the Divine Blueprint on earth. It is as though this Actualization has not been possible until now.

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Sword Of The White Knights


Sword of the Holy Grail
Opening doorways of the Great Temples
Throughout time and space
Through to Eternity

Within the Alchymie of creation, a Divine Vision Appeared:
Its witness is the initiatory current of the secret knowledge of the Holy Grail.

(*Specifications: solid yellow gold with diamond, ruby and blue sapphires)


Price: $1680 AUD

Anthropocosmic Man Tablet


Lesser Man to
Higher Man
Awakened State
Absorbing all dross

Within the Alchymie of creation, a Divine Vision Appeared:
Being held within the eternal Esoteric Temples of Light, to a remembrance of what one has already previously known. It is literally as though being gifted the tools that are necessary for one to wake up and walk this remembrance whilst alive in mortal form. This remembrance is the Present Immortal.

(*Specifications: solid yellow gold with white gold settings, two blackened silver inserts, trilliant diamond and onyx)


Price: $2800 AUD

Red Lion Pendant


Fire and Strength
The mighty roar of the Divine
Powerful, full of current

Within the Alchymie of creation, a Divine Vision Appeared:
Held within this current is the absolute force of riding forward, unstoppable, with strength, courage and conviction of one who is alive as the force and Form of Reality. It allows whole-bodily presence – the Standing Firm of the Lion Mantra Roar!

(*Specifications: yellow gold with red liquid teardrop)


Price: $475 AUD

Blue Pearl Pendant


Made whole again
The Coming Of Eve / Snow Virgin
Enlightened female already whole
Exquisite Form

Within the Alchymie of creation, a Divine Vision Appeared:
Entering the great temples of higher esoteric schools of learning, Consciousness explodes into the Blue Pearl, which appears as Exquisite Form. Standing in this current, the whole body is washed in the Grace and deliciousness of this Divine exquisiteness.

(*Specifications: yellow gold with blue liquid teardrop)


Price: $475 AUD

Headless Horseman Tie-pin


The Diamond shattering of mind – Divine Star
Resolving of mind
Dissolution of the male stance
Head dissolves in the Present Moment

Within the Alchymie of creation, a Divine Vision Appeared:
The mind is dissolved from the contracted state, where attention is locked into identification with self. The silver ring in the centre around the diamond of this piece, symbolises the expanded state of mind, where the brain is allowed to be a feeling organ. This space allows for real dissolution, where the mind falls into the heart and heart intelligence, or intuitive gnosis becomes the form of where we abide.

(*Specifications: white gold plated sterling silver clip, with solid yellow gold bar and white gold ring, with diamond)


Price: TBA

August Wand Release

We are delighted to be releasing some new Wands, as well as re-releasing some Energies which you may not have seen for a while and others that have never been seen as Wands.

$85 AUD Each

– RCsL Actualization

– RCsL Chess Players Mirrors

– RCsL Phantom Zone Puja

– RCsL Big Black Hole Soak

– RCsL Deep Blue

– RCsL Black Tardis Forcefield


RCsL Actualization
This new current is the actualizing of the Divine Blueprint on earth. Within the creation of this Alchymeic Energy, it is as though this Actualization has not been possible until now. The Divine Blueprint is being made manifest. It’s always been there, just hasn’t been manifest on earth before. There has been too much density to allow this blueprint to actualize. An absolute necessary Energy at this time!

RCsL Chess Players Mirrors
Some people are very slippery, and this is the form of their non-receptivity. They are somehow ostensibly able to dance around the help being offered, but are effectively refusing to receive such help, or truly change. The Chess Players Mirrors Energy is used to help hold us in place, in order to render us more receptive to purification, transformation and growth.

RCsL Phantom Zone Puja
This Phantom Zone Energy breaks or re-organises any sympathetic structure that makes us into an evolutionary target, which in turn minimises our being a target for all levels of negativity. This is achieved by dissolving karmic connections that lead to us being a target, changing our destiny by making it unnecessary. Phantom Zone Puja energetically cuts through all evolutionary connections and reflects them back to their source, preventing their fulfillment in us over time.

RCsL Big Black Hole Soak
Many things we come in contact with on a daily basis represent a great density. In our psychic naivety, we can soak up this blackness or density like a sponge and this can obviously be quite debilitating. We need to employ some way of purifying our form from this psychic accumulation. This Energy is such a way of psychic purification.

RCsL Deep Blue
The troubled breath is transformed by taking the individual so deep into the ocean that there is no possibility of return. And so, with this Alchymeic Energy, we are carried beyond the ‘ordinary’ breath into the realm of the ‘immortals’, from whence we are returned restored to the fullness of the breath of life.

RCsL Black Tardis Forcefield

Within The Alchymie Of Creation, A Divine Vision Appeared
A black structure appeared, coming forward as a destructive current, absorbing all in an imploding force field of gravity, sucking everything to itself – without compromise. It appears as though its field pulls all into unconsciousness, destruction, wiping out all in its path. It is slow moving and extremely forceful – an agent of darkness coming out of another dimension with technical know-how – like an alien energy sent from the future to destroy.
As the Alchymie is created to begin to address this energetic, a light field appeared and was being placed around this dark force – cutting off any communication from its source. It’s made inert, as it is surrounded by an invisible Divine Radiant Force Field, literally stopping its supply of power, and it starts to disintegrate into black elements. A very powerful current.