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This week we want to introduce you to a very special piece of Alchymeic Jewellery called ‘Open Face’. This Pendant has long been a favourite of many people all over the world.

It takes a lot these days to be real, honest and up front with one another.  Considering the status quo of the world at this time, we are often self-protective – hiding our traumas we may have suffered in our lifetime. We don’t like being exposed or vulnerable and seen by others do we?… Yet, beyond the difficulties that we have all faced and the fears we keep well protected, there is an important level of growth we can start to allow that awakens a whole new consciousness – the Intuition of the Heart.

A ‘cross’ in its purest form symbolises the highest possibility of human expression – of being open faced, open hearted and open bodied. It represents the vertical and the horizontal aspects of our form being open to life and to that which is greater than all of the fear, sorrow and anger we may be harbouring. It means to stand with our head in the light and our arms outstretched, open and allowing the heart to be full. Thus we make a cross in our own form, awakening to real integrity and feeling.

This is ultimately the inspiration for the ‘Open Face ‘Pendant. Here is the description of what the Pendant Energy is about…

The Story…

For the most part, this world doesn’t support being open or real or confessed. This world, in its present evolutionary state, mostly supports ‘political game playing’ which fuels all the unconsciousness that abounds everywhere. But our true form of communication is beyond all political manipulation and at last is simply the Heart shining through the whole-bodily form. We stand forth as a presence of perfect integrity or the perfect integrity of the Open-Face, Open- Hand and Open-Heart.

The Open Face Pendant…
This Energy is an inspiration to be open and real – what you see is what you get. When we are able to live from this disposition, we begin to outshine all of the political manipulations and old adaptations we resort to in our fear, and all our conventional structures are consigned to a wasteland where they belong. Living open-faced, open-handed, open-hearted is what we are invited to with this Energy.

Specification: yellow or white gold with ruby.

The Open Face Pendant Energy helps us to remain open hearted and real in our communications. We are invited to begin to trust and let go.

If you’d like to learn more about the Open Face Pendant, click here –