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Hello friends. We’ve been asked recently about using the Alchymeic Products in conjunction with drugs or ‘consciousness’ altering substances. This is a good consideration and we are absolutely happy to engage in such discussion. It is important for people to understand and feel the true intention of the Hermetic Work.
Here at Hermes, we hold no judgment of those who choose to engage and experiment with such substances. But it is our understanding that any substance taken in order to attempt to ‘shift consciousness’ is ultimately unnecessary. Therefore, we don’t endorse the use of drugs – legal or illegal. The Alchymeic Product is utterly pure in its intention and holds a very great force of Divine Light to stimulate real growth and transformation in those who are ready. We believe a simple, healthy lifestyle, combined with some basic life disciplines. and the support of the Alchymeic Product, can have a deep and lasting impact upon those who truly desire ‘real’ growth and transformation.

Drug Use & Cultural MisAppropriation

We understand that in some cultures, certain herbs and plants are used to heal and stimulate higher spiritual experiences. Although we respect peoples choices, we must make it clear that this Hermetic work is not a part of these traditions. The Alchymeic Artefacts and their true purpose, stand ‘prior’ to all ‘experiences’ one might have while in an altered state. Therefore, we don’t endorse the use of drugs in conjunction with the Alchymeic Artefacts.
Unfortunately, it has become ‘trendy’ and ‘hip’ within the new-age circle, particularly in the West, to resort to substances such as Ayahuasca and DMT to stimulate higher spiritual experiences. We feel that it is fundamentally disrespectful to appropriate other culture’s sacred spiritual medicines in any casual way. The great indigenous cultures of the world have utilised plant medicines as part of their sacred traditions for thousands of years. Everything has its correct time and place. These substances belong to the ancient, sacred indigenous cultures of the world and should be treated with utmost respect and understanding.
If the Alchymie has helped people energetically deal with addiction, then we are proud and happy. But please understand, the true function of the Alchymie is to restore people to their ‘True Heart’, the ‘True Self’, beyond all seeking, desiring or need for experience. Therefore, the Alchymeic Energies are drawing people beyond the need for all ‘experience’ whatsoever. These Alchymeic Artefacts are an inspiration to ‘awaken’ to the Heart of Truth, where all seeking has dissolved and Only God stands out. So Be It!