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A VERY SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY! Hermes is offering two extremely important and rare Alchymeic Energies, at an incredible discount – HALF PRICE! With only 10 of each available, they are sure to go fast. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to get one of these unique Esoteric Tools! Please email Hermes to order –

The Bright Spark Wand ONLY $375 AUD (usually $750)
The Elixir Of Life Concoction 1431 ONLY $775 AUD (usual $1550)

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THE ELIXIR OF LIFE – Concoction 1431. Given for renewal and restoration. $775 AUD (usually $1550)

Within The Alchymie Of Creation, A Divine Vision Appeared…
‘”n the creation of this Elixir, I was working with the Alchymist in the Sacred Temples. As I was witnessing with him, I was given a vision where the body appeared in the catacombs, entombed without a lid on it with the arms across the heart centre. The body appearing in long robes. As the Elixir began to birth, golden drops of liquid Light entered this form which I could then see as my own. The hands had appeared handcuffed as though wedded to mortal form. As the body arose slowly, the liquid gold began to enter and animate with Light. Turning the form to Life as though re-born into Eternal Life beyond life and death. The ultimate Alchymie of it was the Light Form within the human body – which is the Infinite secret of the Alchymie. It appeared also that it was going to be a living current that would continue to grow”. Showme Showers Heaven’s Bliss

THE BRIGHT SPARK – ONLY $375 AUD (Usually 750)

The Bright Spark is an extraordinary Alchymeic Energy given to help restore and nourish. This is an initiatory current made from a combined number of Energies, existing together in unison – as individual Wands, all contained within one larger tube. The Bright Spark is the Bright Light of initiatory transmission that allows an impulse of Light to activate the entire body mind, therefore it can be felt whole-bodily as a generator, sparking the current of real life. It is a tool designed to move us through into the Enlightened Form, beyond the rusty or primitive circuitry that has been part of the pattern of existence over the hundreds of lifetimes that we have all endured.

In the Alchymie Of Creation, A Divine Vision Appeared
“Divine hands appeared above the head holding a machine, laser like, cutting around the outer layers of the being, cutting away all of the ‘death’ structure which is embedded in the born condition. A new form of Radiant Being or Eternal Light began to appear. Grounding; the current flows deeply through, actualising the new form. Part of the vision was of it switching on a tap of ‘life current’, like at a petrol station, flowing like petrol – energy for our vehicle.” Showme Showers Heaven’s Bliss