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tos-vira-smlAlchymeic Jewellery

Hermes Far Eastern Shining offers a collection of individually hand- crafted pieces of Alchymeic Jewellery. Each one holds a specific energetic intention to support us in our journey of transformation and Heart Awakening. Each piece holds a ‘tone’, a vibratory current that sings to the Heart.

The Descriptions

The description associated with each piece of Jewellery invites you to begin to discover its unique attributes. The full benefits of each piece of Jewellery are not limited to its description. Rather, over time, a deeply personal relationship with each piece will evolve as part of your own ongoing journey of self-discovery. Divine Vision is also an important part of the process of creation for each piece of Alchymeic Jewellery. These Visions have been included in the descriptions to assist you in understanding the Alchymeic process inherent in each piece.

How To Receive The Energy

The Alchymeic Jewellery can be worn at all times, quietly emanating its individual Energies to support the life process in an uplifting way. To allow the Energy to support you at a deeper level, simply hold your piece of Jewellery and take a few deep breaths. You may also drink the Energy Imbuement of your Jewellery by gently tapping it to the outside of a glass of water. This Imbues the water with the Energy which you can then receive by drinking theree sips. Sit quietly, close your eyes and take a moment to breathe with the Energy. Allow yourself to ‘feel’.

In addition to the unique, Alchymeic empowerment held within each pendant, these exquisite handmade pieces incorporate yellow and white gold, precious and semi-precious stones.

Dolphins Under Orion

Evolves the Heart of Consciousness and its extension above the brain-mind.

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Sweet Point

Allows the resurrection and renewal of our energy field over time.

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Touching Light

Invites us into the extended sensory feeling connection to life.

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Life positive energy. Transmuting many negative conditions.

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Turning the clock back on the demands and the psychic effects of life.

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Golden Ball

The power of manifestation; from the subtle to the actual.

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Jupiter Ice

The creative force of this mighty planet – protection & strength.

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Sun Works

Eradicating psychic density and gravity, the unconscious aspects of our lives.

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Helps lift our attention to the third eye, thus keeping us on the ‘straight and narrow’.

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Cat’s Eye Nebula

Dissolving the ‘evil eye’ of being fixed as some form of limitation.

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Open Face

An inspiration to be open and real – what you see is what you get.

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Angel Of Light Adaptation

Helping us adapt to the Age of Light – move beyond the karma of darkness and into the Light.

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Primary Heart

Strengthening the Heart centre, supporting our awakening to the radiance of love itself.

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Losing Face

Losing our social disposition, our ‘egoic’ social face or persona.

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Proton Structure

Moves to support the flowering of the evolved form – for both men & women.

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Enhances our capacity to move freely – released from entanglement to function more truly.

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Very grounding and restorative through its capacity to draw the Light down most intensely.

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Thoth’s Staff

When all seems impenetrable or blocked, Thoth’s Staff cracks through and Light rushes in.

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Emerald Tablet

Unlocks the ancient esoteric wisdom inherent in each one of us.

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Tears Of Shiva

The source of Divine Love never diminishes and is always already the case in every moment.

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Archangel Pendants

Invoking the great presence, strength and guidance of the wondrous Archangels.

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Weapon Shop

Strengthens us to stand as the Heart, at this time when the struggle of light and dark appears to be escalating.

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Fifth Element

The Fifth Element is Love and the current of this is felt to explode with Light at the Heart centre.

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Hermetic Salamander

A furnace of empowerment, transmuting encroaching negativity

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Cross Of Light

Levity, not gravity. Lifting upwards to Conscious Light.
(Male & Female)

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Belt Of Orion

Standing in place with the dualities of mortal form swirling around. The steadiness of consciousness.

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Don’t Fence Me In

Very freeing “…give me room, lots of room underneath the starry skies…”

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Akashic Records

All that has ever occurred within the universe – accessed as a living memory and purified.

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Way Of Infinite Return

The way was shown as ascension beyond mortal form into the Light source.

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Golden Elixir

A force of Light that can be seen exploding through the soul that has lost its connection to the Divine.

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Marjorie Door Pendulum

It is an Alchymeic dousing tool used to help guide and give clarity on decisions.

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Thoth’s Keys

Awakening us from the feeling of utter despair from all that comes towards the Heart.

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Magnus Opus

Conductivity of Divine Light – felt as a rush of current moving up the spine.

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Rosa Mystica

Mystical Order of the Holy Grail whose symbol is the Rose.

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Tree Of Life

Wisdom and practices of Awakening. Holds the blueprint of Circuitry and wisdom within the human body.

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Hermes Invisible Pyramid

When we are lifted up we are embraced in a total renewal of our energy and the gross-vital.

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Inner Chamber Of The Heart

Final passage of awakening. A final thrust to release the cramp of identification.

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Chakra Pendants

Transformation, transmutation and transfiguring of the Chakra centres

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