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Cat’s Eye Nebula Pendant


The Story…

The evil eye is depicted in many cultures as being about the projection of negativity, or negative attention towards others. When invoked, it is believed to be able to cause bad luck or fixate a person at whom the negative attention is directed. This negative projection can take many forms – just as bad thoughts are a vibration that become a negative communication in the world.

In the Alchymie of creation, a Divine vision appeared…

“There appears to be a pit of absorption that the Cat’s Eye Nebula manifests. It appears in the form of a red cloud pit into which all projected negative thought forms and intentionalised negative patterns are drawn, absorbed and resolved. The Cat’s Eye Nebula abides as a dimensional current. Its form is located in the subtle. The gift of this Alchymeic current is one to hold and invoke in times that red energies appear around us.”

The Cat’s Eye Nebula Pendant…

Dissolving the ‘evil eye’ of self and other – or being fixed as some form of limitation. The Cat’s Eye restores our true vision (located via the third eye), thus outshining the shadow energy that clouds our intuition of Love itself. It awakens us to real seeing.


Yellow gold with carnelian and diamond.