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Dolphins Under Orion Pendant


The Story…

When we feel into the energy of dolphins and other mammals of the sea, we are immediately touched by their joyous freedom, seeming humour and their often friendly overtures in relation to us. The dolphins themselves are fixed forms and do not suffer or enjoy all the possible states of humanity.

In the Alchymie of creation, a Divine vision appeared…

“A group of dolphins appeared, leaping through waves of Conscious Light, creating the infinite current of eight as they emerged through the Heart centre upward and above the brain-mind. In infinite flight they create a surge of felt joy and blissful radiance as they returned down through the third eye in the infinite current resembling the figure eight, restoring a felt gnosis of the volumetric heart. This passage reawakens and restores us to the circuitry of Infinite Bliss, our true condition when aligned to the ‘Infinite Path of Return”.

The Dolphin Pendant…

The Energy of the Dolphins Under Orion Pendant is about evolving the Heart of Consciousness and its extension above the brain-mind. What the Dolphin Energy reminds us to be is happy and responsible for energy and feeling, discovering the humour of existence. By restoring humour, which is the form of Reality beyond all mortal-seriousness, we are freed from the implications of all that is arising. We are lifted into a lightness of being, while remaining as ‘conscious understanding’.


Yellow or white gold dolphin with a blue liquid-filled glass ball.