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Don’t Fence Me In

The Pendant Don’t Fence Me In is very freeing and leaves us at last, merely self-possessed, which is our own moral responsibility in consciousness.

Within the Alchymie of creating this Energy, a Divine Vision was given…
A spinning golden orb, breaking down boundaries at the speed of Light. Maintaining a space once breaking through – continues to move at the Speed of Light!

“…give me room, lots of room underneath the starry skies…” Like inhabitants of “Flatland”, the ‘usual’ person is hemmed in, unable and unwilling to step over the ‘line’. We are constrained within one-dimensional and two-dimensional levels of existence, by self and other possession. The single dimension is the atheistic scientific model of the universe, in which it is ‘insanely’ suggested that an individual’s behaviour could be predicted by simply knowing where all their molecules are at one time and somehow knowing where they will be at some future time. This abysmal view is utterly and deplorably fallacious, “Thank God”.

The two-dimensional aspect of this is other possession particularly and self possession. The ‘other’ possession is the focus of the drink Don’t Fence Me In. This ‘other’ possession has many forms, some of these are ‘concept’ possession, lower astral possessions, entity possessions, parental and sibling possessions, ‘friend?’ possessions, ‘place’ possessions, time possessions, black witchcraft possessions, ‘programming’ possessions, dimensional possessions and so on.

white gold cage with 9ct yellow gold fastenings & hollow yellow gold ball.