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Excalibur Pendant


The Story…

“He who is true of heart may pull the sword from the stone…” The legendary sword of King Arthur is attributed with magical powers.

In the Alchymie of creation, a Divine vision appeared…

“The ‘Sword of Truth’ given to slice through all that is deviated – allowing us to cut to the truth as reality. Cutting through the minefield of ordinary life – everything we encounter. Like a Knight on a white horse, riding forth into the unknown with truth and honour, one-pointed and with great intention. He is held in integrity, empowered by the ‘Sword of Truth’.”

The Excalibur Pendant…

With the sword Excalibur, we can ride forth purifying the energetic tension underlying dramatisations we are witnessing and suffering on a daily basis. This Alchymeic Energy enhances our capacity to be able to move freely, released from entanglement to function more truly, spurred on by the ‘Sword of Truth’ itself. Holding Excalibur, we are empowered to stand in and as the Truth.


Yellow gold with white gold plated blade and aqua liquid filled tube.