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Fifth Element Pendant

The Story…

According to the plot of the 1997 movie ‘The Fifth Element’, every 5,000 years a Great Evil appears which attempts to destroy all life throughout the universe. Because humans seem compelled to destroy themselves, this ‘Great Evil’ is almost unstoppable, until they discover that Love is the missing element – the Fifth Element. The confession of Love is made, the Great Evil is banished and the species is saved. Of course it must be understood that God is Love and transcends any level of elemental form, fifth or otherwise.

In the Alchymie of creation, a Divine vision appeared…

“At the 11th hour, lost love is transformed to Love Eternal. This current sweeps all before it, that which would be less than Love. We are left dancing in the streets celebrating Love eternally with this Energy.”

The Fifth Element Pendant…

The Fifth Element is Love and the current of this is felt to explode with Light at the Heart centre, penetrating the doubt of love forever more. The fiery black asteroid takes nothing into account, dedicated to death, like the Hermes Prophecy. The Hermes Prophecy is a point in human history, which we have reached now, where darkness will be preferred to light and death will be preferred to life. The Fifth Element Pendant overwhelms this condition of the Hermes Prophecy, restoring us to undifferentiated wholeness of Light and life.


Yellow gold with a black obsidian.