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Jupiter Ice Pendant

The Story…

Jupiter, the largest Gas Giant in our Solar System, collects a lot of comets thus protecting the Earth from these planetary wanderers. Astrologically it represents wisdom, freedom, tolerance and plenty.

In the Alchymie of creation, a Divine vision appeared…

“The current of this Energy is about strength, protection and absorption. The moons represent the rings around the mind. This Energy may be felt as a current that comes to protect and enliven the field around the head.”

The Jupiter Ice Pendant

The Jupiter Ice Pendant is made up of red liquid (a red ball) sitting in the rings of Jupiter (six diamonds). The energy is the creative force of this mighty planet in our solar system. The planet Jupiter is not a rock – it is made of a collection of frozen gases. This frozen state represents a solidity and strength.


Palladium cap and band with six diamonds and red liquid filled glass ball.