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Losing Face Pendant


The Story…

Ordinarily we are enacting a fictional character that has come about through our fears, our desires, our sorrow, our anger, over lifetimes. The face, therefore, is our destiny and at last disappears as our ultimate destiny on a gravestone somewhere. To ‘lose face’ therefore is to lose our ordinary destiny, literally to die to that destiny and awaken as the Truth of us – the Present Immortal.

In the Alchymie of creation, a Divine vision appeared…

“The skull represents the death of the usual persona. In order to truly come alive, we must lose face and discover the truth of our own vulnerability and heart, which is literally living beyond fear and being confessed as the truth of who we are in God. The social face falls away, the pressure of having to be anything other than the truth and vulnerability of our own heart releases. The egoic struggle is all that is false. The snowflake appears as a symbol given to capture all that is less than love and banish it forever. It is the sign of purity.”

The Losing Face Pendant….

Losing Face is about losing our social disposition, our social face or persona. The Energy is given to help transform the ego, the ‘face’ or ‘mask’, so that the Truth of us can shine through. The face illustrates the persona or mask. Strip it off, as we don’t need it when we stand in front of the Divine.


Yellow gold with white gold skull; diamond and citrines.