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The Marjorie Door Pendulum


The Marjorie Door Pendulum rests in the feeling Heart. It is an Alchymeic dousing tool used to help guide and give clarity on decisions and areas in which we need energetic feedback. The “Yes” response is signed by various intensities reaching down into the navel chakra. This indicates a growth of personal strength through positive choice. The negative response is often associated with a disturbance in the Heart and can be indicated by an alternative swinging pattern. This will be personal to each user of the Marjorie Door. An entire lack of response from the Pendulum can indicate a lack of energy or clarity altogether for the consideration at hand.

You can also engage this Energy just as you would any of the other Pendants, by drinking and holding it, whilst inviting a shift in the contemplated circumstance. Ultimately, nothing is binding. The Energy of the Marjorie Door also evolves our capacity to intuit and feel our way through life’s circumstances.


Yellow gold t-bar, chain and cap with liquid-filled glass pendulum.