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Obelisk Pendant


The Story…

In looking into the geometrical shape of the Obelisk, which is a blend of two pyramids as with Cleopatra’s Needle, it is revealed that this geometrical form stands as the whole body. Even though the shape appears armless and legless, the arms and legs are latently held within this Obelisk.

In the Alchymie of creation, a Divine vision appeared…

“Allowing the form to become the temple – to hold the light current as the ‘Temple Of Man’. In other words, the Divine Light entering the body through the Obelisk becomes the grounding of the Divine, which is seen as the Temple of Man. The current is seen entering down through the crown, grounding and stabilising through the circuitry, allowing great psychic strength. The Obelisk is about creating the temple for the body to become alive as that conductive current, vehicle or agency of the Divine entering the world. It is grounding the Divine enlightened form. The enlightened form is the dissolution of the old circuitry, the vision of where man has forgotten God. The realisation of the Divine whole-bodily is the Esoteric Principle. In the vision, points of light are seen entering the earth plane through human form.”

The Obelisk Pendant…

This Pendant is very grounding and restorative through its capacity to draw the Light down most intensely. An energy to help awaken our capacity to conduct and ground the ‘Life-Current’.


Available in either yellow or white gold, with diamond and ruby coloured central vial.