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Open Face Pendant


The Story…

For the most part, this world doesn’t support being open or real or confessed. This world, in its present evolutionary state, mostly supports ‘political game playing’ which fuels all the unconsciousness that abounds everywhere. But our true form of communication is beyond all political manipulation and at last is simply the Heart shining through the whole-bodily form. We stand forth as a presence of perfect integrity or the perfect integrity of the Open-Face, Open- Hand and Open-Heart.

In the Alchymie of creation, a Divine vision appeared…

“A form appears in the dark, turned in upon itself, imploded and collapsed. A white cross arises through the form, lifting and pushing the body open to receive the light. The body stands – the arms extends – the head tilts back – open-faced, open-hearted, open-bodied. Perfectly yielded and freely surrendered to one’s existence.”

The Open Face Pendant…

This Energy is an inspiration to be open and real – what you see is what you get. When we are able to live from this disposition, we begin to outshine all of the political manipulations and old adaptations we resort to in our fear, and all our conventional structures are consigned to a wasteland where they belong. Living open-faced, open-handed, open-hearted is what we are invited to with this Energy.


Yellow or white gold with ruby.