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Proton Structure Pendant


The Story…

Proton Structure is a fundamental building block beyond which matter ceases to exist.

In the Alchymie of creation, a Divine vision appeared…

“The teardrop of the Divine combines with the dust particles of infinite exploding stars to create the first schism of light, combined with matter allowing the mystery of creation itself. It is the first initiatory point of light combining with solid particles to ignite the possibility of human form – the Alchymeic mystery of existence itself.”

The Proton Structure Pendant…

This Proton Structure Pendant moves to support the flowering of an evolved form, expanding and transforming the extended brain-mind consciousness. The female Proton Structure evolves the capacity of the extended domain, the creative force. The male Proton Structure evolves the un-extended domain, penetrating consciousness.


Male – yellow gold with black star sapphire / female – yellow gold with pink tourmaline.