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Senescence Pendant


The Story…

The difficulties we face in the world are caused by the destiny of our born being, as long as that destiny remains necessary. The destiny remains necessary as long as we are focused on trying to ‘save’ this little ‘self’ from becoming “ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” Ultimately, it is possible to see the dissolution of our karma or consequences of having lived our lives out of sync with the law in this place. However, for this to occur, we must truly change what it is that we are up to and stop moving out of fear, trusting that our footsteps will alight somewhere, even if we do not know where.

In the Alchymie of creation, a Divine vision appeared…

“Deep within the networks, the current surges and bubbles, unlocking all the exhausted energy, all the outcomes of living in this world of consequence – the toxicity, the gravity. All tiredness caused by the build-up and blockages needs to be unlocked. It is seen that only those truly engaged in transcending the dream of existence may require a long and healthy life. So, what we require of the structure is that it remains healthy and strong until death do us part. We are lifted out of the nasties of our destiny by awakening as a Conscious Sacrifice into the Mystery of us.”

The Senescence Pendant…

Senescence is a restoring Energy to lighten density. Turning the clock back on the demands and the psychic effects of all to which we give our energy and attention. The Energy of the Emeralds is cooling; the Rubies warming and the Diamond represents Consciousness, or the ‘bright’ of awakening to Consciousness. We are left perfectly rounded with the density lightened.


Hollow yellow gold ball with one diamond, two rubies and five emeralds.