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Sun Works Pendant


The Story…

The Sun gives us heat, light, our food and the air that we breathe. It powers the atmosphere to give us the winds and rain. Even the coal and oil that generate electricity for light and power come from plants and animals that lived hundreds of millions of years ago and depended on the Sun for life. The Sun also represents the father force, the conscious aspect and meeting the demands of life. Without the Sun, there would be no growth and the Earth would be a dark, cold, lifeless place. Everything is interconnected, but at the base of it all is solar energy. Should the Sun ever fizzle out, everything else would also fizzle out – all living things.

In the Alchymie of creation, a Divine vision appeared…

“It appears as the firing of the navel, bringing the Sun into the Hara – the furnace of transformation and creation. It appears to allow us to receive the Sun itself, to stand upright alive with spirit presence. The Sun is the Alchymeic image, force symbol and power of wholeness – Life. The heart of vitality explodes into consciousness outshining all duality and density, allowing us to come to terms with the solar energy of this place. The being is forced to grow and meet the demand for consciousness, the invitation to grow in the light of truth. Out of the dark into the light.”

The Sun Works Pendant…

This Pendant is a great source of Energy! It burns through, eradicating psychic density and gravity, the unconscious aspects of our lives. It is a profoundly empowering Energy granting us the navel or psychic strength to shine on, through the demands of our day to day life.


A palladium dove and hollow yellow gold ball.