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Sweet Point Pendant


The Story…

Like the Phoenix, which once dead arises alive and renewed from the ashes, this Energy moves to inspire a reawakening of the form into the Divine Light.

In the Alchymie of creation, a Divine vision appeared…

“All forces and motions, in order to interact with a certain object, have to meet a perfect balance to maintain equilibrium. That perfect point of balance is the sweet pivotal point. If that point isn’t attained, we can’t make use of all the forces, they would collapse in upon the object. All the forces have to be perfectly in sync. As the body-mind is a series of energy bodies, there is a perfect point that can be attained with the Alchymie that brings balance and renewal to all the energy bodies under the demand and forces of ordinary life – the pulls and pushes.”

The Sweet Point Pendant…

Emerald green in colour, this Pendant has a wonderful energy designed to allow the resurrection of our energy field over time and also to allow us the time and space for the contemplation of the true significance of human existence, which is the transcendence of self. It brings about balance and a reawakening of Divine Light at the gross-vital level.


Yellow or white gold flower-petalled cap with an emerald green liquid-filled glass ball.