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Tears Of Shiva Pendant


The Story…

Mythically, as the heavenly tears of Shiva fell upon the earth, Rudraksha trees grew, representing creation. The seeds of these trees were called Rudraksha Malas. The perfect Rudraksha sphere has never been found. In being born here, we can begin to doubt the endless outpouring of Divine Love that is infinite and eternal – the tears, or the ‘Wound of Love’.

In the Alchymie of creation, a Divine vision appeared…

“The Wound of Love eternally and forever felt. In the infinite fall from Grace, the wound of man’s failure to stand upright and be full of recognition and gratitude, humility and love. The eternal wound, where man has forgotten, turned inward and created the clouds of darkness. The tears forever fall, forever washing and allowing the possibility of humankind to return again to its true awakened state, to its true remembrance.”

The Tears Of Shiva Pendant…

This Energy is literally the invitation for us to reawaken to the remembrance that the source of Love never diminishes and is always already the case in every moment. Our awakening is the realisation that we are already loved forever in God and that we are free to love. It is the end of all seeking, of looking to be loved in this world. It awakens us to the source and current of Love itself.


Top half – 22ct yellow gold Bottom half – palladium with 10 rubies and a diamond.