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Thoth’s Staff Pendant


The Story…

Thoth’s Staff, which is the caduceus, represents the awakening of Kundalini energy.

In the Alchymie of creation, a Divine vision appeared…

“The Alchymist appears, wandering above and beyond the earth plane. With a great thrust of his staff, he splits the darkness that has besieged this earthly place. Like the splitting of a rock, the sparks fly everywhere and ignite and ground the Light with an intensity of current. An undeniable force that cannot be touched and reveals that Light is all powerful – darkness is just the absence of light; Man has forgotten here, we have created a place of darkness. The rod of light is Divine Grace. We, buried by memorabilia, and the dross captured by the endless acts of desire, have left no room in the hearts of Man for Truth. The Divine is forcing its re-entry… and it will be done! The vision in its birthing appeared to overwhelm the form. A figure, almost robotic, was called forth to stand and embrace the intensity. The embrace requires the dissolution of all doubt and fear, whole-bodily trusting the unknown.“

The Thoth’s Staff Pendant…

When all seems impenetrable or blocked, Thoth’s Staff cracks through and Light rushes in. Allowing this force to combine with our own energy grants a profound strength and the eternal current to be actualised. This transition is a leap within consciousness. The Staff is a tool for allowing the Divine Current to ground – the splitting of the Earth Plane with an uncompromising force.


Yellow gold staff with white gold base and lapis lazuli sphere on the top.