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Touching Light Pendant


The Story…

The ‘usual’ point of view is dominated by the sense of vision and in this domination, our fascination with vision tends to crush all the other senses.

In the Alchymie of creation, a Divine vision appeared…

“A circle of hands appears out of the Divine Light coming in to touch and hold the field in the embrace of eternal nourishment, allowing us to trust and receive the Divine Current and re- awaken us to the gnosis that we are eternally loved and always already sustained – a matter we have forgotten here. Learning to yield to the greater process is the Alchymie, is the transformation, is the invitation. Touch in the most ordinary sense is a whole body sensory involvement, and as a whole body involvement we are dissolved beyond the shock of being self-conscious about our boundary into the true form of no centre, no boundary. Thus, we can psychically feel or ‘see’ other things and beings, including apparent inanimate beings and come to know them intimately as our own being. We might, therefore, touch a plant and feel deep into its nature or touch a book and know intimately its content and so on.”

The Touching Light Pendant…

The contemplation of Touching Light invites us beyond our ‘usual’ encapsulation into the extended sensory feeling connection with our entire environment. Our true form of consciousness is being alive as all of this apparent world. Involving ourselves with the Energy of Touching Light evolves us to this true form of consciousness.


Yellow or white gold hands with a purple liquid filled glass ball.