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Introductory Wands

The Introductory Wands are Wands which have been selected to address a some of the major areas of interest in alternative therapies as well as psychic clearing.

Astrology Wizard

The purest form of astrological practice, given in this Astrology Wizard Wand, seeks to dissolve all destinies written in the stars…

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Healing Hands Wizard

This Healing Hands Wizard Wand is a new support to all who aspire to be of service in this Great Healing Mission…

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Don’t Fence Me In

Don’t Fence Me In energy is given to help clear us of all ‘other’ possession that keeps us feeling fenced in…

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Meditation Formal Happiness

Real meditation is therefore Communion with the Always Already Presence of the Infinite Current that lives and breathes us…

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The Heart Is All

Holding this Alchymeic Energy Wand may grant us the space and intuition of True Unity Consciouisness again. May it be so!

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Pinocchio Transformation Puja

By energetically cutting the controlling strings, we are able to stand free, particularly of ‘external’ control…

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Quantum Vacuum

We all enjoy being able to vacuum dust off the floor and the like, but what if we could vacuum the soul…

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Tell Me All

This Energy opens our extra senses to discover aspects of our condition that could be useful…

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No Law For Negativity

This energy moves to penetrate and dissolve the many forms of negative communication, providing auric-field protection, restoring us to the ‘bigger vision’…

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Tarot Wizard

What we ask to be shown is our present relationship to Truth of us and therefore pointing the Way to the Revelation of our True Heart’s Desire. Try it with a deck…

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We suffer from an extreme over-intrusiveness by much psychic programming from our environmental interactions, such as T.V., films, billboards, food, etc. Lifestream addresses this level of energetic intrusion…

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Nuclear Tracker

Energetically track areas of negativity, or shadow, or that which is a contraction away from the Light, and to dissolve such negativity at its source…

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Yoga Wizard

This Yoga Wand energy aligns us to the true spirit of yoga, whatever kind of yoga we choose to engage…

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