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The reclamation of our higher functioning…

This week on our Hermes Alchymie Webinar, we discovered how the Alchymeic Energies can be utalised to help awaken our Intuitive Functioning and accelerate the development of ‘Higher Mind’. Everyone has the capacity to function with their extra-sensory abilities and to adapt to our higher functioning ‘above the brow’. In fact, this functioning is as much a part of our ‘form’ as an arm or a leg. We have just been conditioned not to use it – our conventional lives mostly preclude the awakening of this level of our being. These days it is not natural to be psychic, or talk about such things. But being psychic is actually quite natural! Every human has this capacity and intuitive ability. If it weren’t so, we would quite literally go mad, as it is through this intuitive functioning that we connect to that which is greater and beyond the suffering and limitation of our current state of being (even if we don’t consciously recognise it yet…). Even so, we don’t exercise these aspects and therefore they become dormant, unused, eventually mysterious and out of reach. But like a muscle, we simply need to stimulate these areas in order to reawaken and strengthen them.

In addition to re-stimulating these areas of our being, the incredible Alchymeic Energies given for this, truly lift us into a whole new level of functionality and intuitive possibility. Once this area is opened, cleared and strengthened, we have a much better possibility of being able to intuit and connect with the ‘Living Divine’ – or the Truth of who we are in reality.

So you see, we need to awaken, enliven and re-establish these levels of our higher intuitive functioning in order to get on with the real process of transformation, translation and ultimately transfiguration into Divine Being. This transformative process is the ultimate goal and purpose of bodily incarnation. We utterly need to include all higher functional mind and intuitive capacity if we are to hit the mark and achieve this ultimate evolutionary purpose.

Mobius Barnaby
Webinar Facilitator

Alchymeic Energies Used On This Webinar
– Sixth Sense Collection;
– The Blue Series Discs
– The ‘Clair Energies’ (Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance)
– Tell Me All Wand
– A-Cosmic & Cosmic Intelligence – Arranging 11 Wand
– Excalibur Pendant