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Here is a beautiful summary from our Asian Hermes Representative Sunami after a big tour presenting the new Zoroastrian House and Ball Of Light Meditation Sphere

I’ve just returned from almost a month’s tour in Asia with the extraordinary new Alchymeic energies, the Zoroastrian Energy House, Ball of Light Meditation tool and the Akashic Records pendant. It was an incredible journey, witnessing these energies entering these four Asian countries: Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

I was delighted to connect with so many people on the journey – old and new. So many beautiful moments! Travelling with the Zoroastrian House was a real blessing!  It was incredibly supportive for me on this trip. It has given me so much clear psychic space, allowing me to stand free and not be overwhelmed by the density of the cities I visited.  I can see and feel the psychic fog and shadow lift off the space when we set up the House.  It feels like layers and layers of fuzziness being peeled off and only clarity remains. The difference is extraordinary and the House will go everywhere with me from now on!

When the exquisite Ball of Light meditation tool was presented in all of the workshops on this trip, there was an absolute silence.  The silence was tangible – and became louder and louder… everything stood still.  Everyone was just resting in the present moment. It felt like an eternity. It was beautiful to witness everyone’s response. My journey felt like an invisible thread of light, connecting all the places I visited and bringing a new level of feeling to all those touched by it 🙂

Sunami Designer