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This months report reflects the passage of our Hermetic Year beautifully! We have passed through the dark passages of self reflection and are now emerging into the Light. We can truly use this current to make great steps and gestures towards our Real Destiny in the Divine. August is the month to allow such a passage to take place…

The Uranus/Pluto square of 2012 – 2015 prepared us for these times. We were broken open through this major passage, and we emerged into a new way of being – one which would no longer tolerate the tyranny of ‘normal’ against the upwelling of deeper truths! We are seeing this reflection all over the world now, despite the purge of darkness that is taking place. Many fear we wouldn’t survive such a passage, and yet here we are – changed beyond recognition, ready to stand having already seen the truth of many new things – instead of just being broken beyond repair..! And just as we journeyed through and out the other side then, we can continue to do the same now – in fact… WE MUST! No matter how much we may fear the darkness, it has been a necessary passage of reflection and growth, as we end this dark period – the end of the Kali Yuga. And no matter how much we quake in the face of truths too hard to accept, they have served to reveal the path ahead. We can do this! But we can’t do it alone… We must do it in true Unity, open-faced, open-hearted, prepared to great the new dawn. This is the new walk we must walk together.

Mars in Sagittarius between 2nd August and 27th September supports courageous actions and fearless standing. No matter what what we do now, we can’t go back. This new form we are beginning to feel and allow, is our new foundation if we choose, enabling clarity of effort and a sense of direction that may have been lacking previously. That said, the flip side of Mars in Sagittarius is crusading for a cause without thought or respect for those on a different path. Therefore, we must continue to trust our intuition, remaining humbled and steadfast in our standing for a new way. We will fall down, but we must continue to stand again and again. Remember, it is about feeling and HEART! Pluto’s on-going journey through Capricorn affirms how far from the truth we are and reminds us that nothing is sacred when it comes to up-ending the status quo. It is a time of reckoning an purge. Find places of sanctuary to continue to grow in your embodiment of this new form. Then ‘turn out’ and continue to bring the heart, faith and love in Unity with others who are willing to do the same. 

Happy August! It is time to celebrate and BE this new form, beyond all doubt. SO BE IT!