July was a very big passage of inspection and transformation for many, with both solar and lunar eclipses. This brought up challenges of balance and stability for even the strongest amongst us! But as we begin August, we realise that we are only in the middle of this period of eclipses which will be with us until the 15th. So the challenge of our stability and what we think is solid remains a focus for us during August. The paradox of ‘letting go’ and ‘holding on’… 😉 There is one more solar eclipse arriving on the 11th before things begin to ease up in this department. (*Astrology Wizard Tip – it is very potent to call forth the purification of all negative aspect of an eclipse, via the energy of the Astrology Wizard Wand! After this intention, try also calling forth the energy of stability within this eclipse period – to remain grounded and heart open. This will really help you to align to the highest aspect of this eclipse time – Astrology Wizard Wand Link).

Another important aspect to consider is the energy of ‘Mars conjunct the South Node’ since the end of May. This can really keep some of us stuck in focusing in the past, defending old patterns and adaptations, rather than allowing new adaptation into greater patters levels of growth. This ‘Mars conjunct Sth Node’ can really put the breaks on, when in actual fact we need to be moving forward with greater intensity, passion, and commitment, which is what the eclipses have been challenging us to locate. This conflicting energy starts to weaken though through the beginning of August and we might start to feel more grounded, clear and aligned, not conflicted and moving in ways that may hinder our growth. (*Astrology Wizard Tip – again, call forth a psychic clearing of the influence of ‘Mars conduct Sth Node, asking for a greater alignment to our higher purpose – Astrology Wizard Wand Link).

But don’t get complacent, as deep inner change is taking place all throughout August and we must keep discovering a passion for aligning to this depth. This growth is fuelled during August by five to seven planets in retrograde all month! So we are going to be deeply by life during this time. If you find yourself reacting to things that usually wouldn’t trigger you, then you are feeling the impact of this mega retrograde current – and you’ll have to be aware of these reactions and deal with them as they arise. But we are never without help within the cosmos, and a semi-sextile between Chiron and Uranus from now until 22nd grants us the support and impetus to stand prior to crippling and limiting emotions. With this energy going on at the same time as the retrograde, we may find in the midst of this deep shifting taking place, that we can locate this prior witness, or space and less overwhelm. What might usually take us months to pass through, may only take days or hours to integrate. So look out for deep ‘keys’ within the intensity and potential turmoil. The jewels or real insight and growth will be there in the midst of everything going down. All you have to do is be open, available and continue to ‘turn out’ or walk forward even when it seems the hardest. The magic of transformation will take place there!

A trine between Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio and a square between Chiron and Saturn will continue to cast its influence across the entire cosmos. These waves of influence will wriggle the fabric just enough to support our awakening to that ‘prior’ knowledge and ability to have more ‘creative control’ of the things that are arising. We will be given strength, compassion, and insight to help us respond in feeling to the unpredictability of these days.

Mars and Uranus continue to square since the end of July and will bring more intensity for the first couple of weeks of August. This says to us that the usual status quo is being disturbed. Anything or anyone trying to hold onto a sense of security and predictability will be challenged. We have seen in the past that this kind of square can also signal unusual weather or geophysical events, which ultimately reflect potential this challenge to the status quo. This is all reflected by the arrival of new ideas that challenge our understanding of things. It can also reflect a pulse worldwide for the transformation and release of old systems in order to usher in new ones. Mars square Uranus is an energy for progress and challenge, all at once. The challenge is to respond to adversity, shifts, and demands in a new way, and not fall back into old reactive patterns and ways of dealing with change. (*Astrology Wizard Tip – Call forth the intention to help support you in meeting the challenges and shifts with greater awareness and understanding – Astrology Wizard Wand Link).

It would appear that this is also a time of reckoning for those who have been misusing power and positions of authority without heart and feeling…! This is reflected by the energy of another square between Jupiter in Scorpio, and the Sun in Leo. This will be in effect from the 3rd and 10th. Motivations which are hidden, untrue, and anything that is not a strong argument for what is truly correct, will be very much challenged by this energy. So all of our investments in levels of control will have the spotlight on them. This will also apply personally – to all levels of our lives and relationships which we remain solid in relation to – those areas that you think you maintain control. The level to which you are invested in controlling life and others, will determine the extent to which this square dictates a shift for you…! So, If you are only focused on personal, egoic gain, not seeing the bigger picture of surrender, service in love and letting go, you’ll be challenged by this Jupiter in Scorpio energy. On the other hand, if you’ve been practicing surrender, sacrifice and giving with an open heart, Jupiter energy will have your back and help stabilise your foundation for this new practice. You may feel a sense of empowerment and a greater inner strength and heart connection.

The planet of love, Venus, enters Libra on 6th, until 9th September. We are reminded of the transforming power of Real Intimacy and restored to faith in humanity. This energy grants us an opportunity and a willingness to walk a mile in other people’s shoes. This isn’t a time for arguments and ego trips. It is a time for peace, kindness, affection, and gratitude. Because of old wounds and traumas, it is sometimes difficult for us to truly let go – we somehow get stuck clinging to the heavy weight of these emotional wells. This Venus in Libra energy gives us the gentle push to open our hearts again and to gives us the strength to face the difficulties, rather than remaining hard and enclosed. The great Alchymeic transformation and awakening of this time is taking as much compassion, understanding, and love, as it is muscle and determination. Venus grants us the faith and heart to remember that it is all going to be ok – that we don’t need to fight and wrestle with adversity. We must learn to yield, to let go and allow Grace to enter our lives once again. (*Astrology Wizard Tip – call through the energy of Venus and feel this great celestial body of love, compassion, femininity, and heart. Allow yourself to be sublimed in it – take a moment to swoon and let go of all holding on and fight – Astrology Wizard Wand Link).

On the 19th August, Mercury stations direct in the 12th degree of Leo, whilst aspecting Venus in Libra. This is energy is important to point out because it is bringing balance and understand between the inner and the outer worlds. Are we being appropriate about our energy and how we express ourselves in relationship? Are we finding a balance between our need to speak and get our words across, and are we allowing others to be heard. This may seem like an infinite balancing act, but it always comes back to a question of heart and feeling – are we willing to let go of the egoic need to be correct. On the other hand, we may have specific karmas surrounding victim consciousness and allowing ourselves to be overwhelmed by others. When Mercury stations direct it will grant us a moment of poise and an opportunity to find that heartfelt balance which is very important at this time.

A Grand Trine in Earth formed by the Sun, Uranus, and Saturn between 23rd and 28th is an influence that helps to calm things down. You may feel the impulse to just play it safe during this time – just going with what we know and not stepping outside our zone. We can feel some respite at this time. But if there’s a demand for things to happen and we are called upon to bring energy to something, the energy of this time has much strength, focus, and stability to grant us in order to achieve what we need to achieve. If you are working on a big project during this time, be realistic and walk slowly, steadily in the direction of your goal. Don’t jump or rush towards it…  be steadfast and stable. The energy is there for that.

There is a full moon in Pisces on 26th August. It brings us the energy to penetrate old patterns and habits which have divided us and others. Being human is the art of sacrifice and self-transcendence, which we have insight and energy to practice more during this period. This full moon deepens our understanding that life is sacred – an opportunity to grow and transform. Courage and compassion with an open heart is how we must learn to walk in this world. Full moon in Pisces reminds us that we must ultimately awaken beyond all egoic struggle and turn out in love, surrender, and sacrifice to a greater purpose if we are ultimately to have a planet to live on. And this mass awakening includes us – it isn’t apart from us – we all have to participate. We are all integral parts of the whole, and the sooner we come to understand this, the sooner we start to allow a greater intensity of healing light into this place via our own body-minds.

August Hermetic Astrology is deeply reflecting aspects of the male and female polarity coming into balance. It is an opportunity for us to find unity within our own forms, allowing both the male and female aspects of our existence to co-exist – thus locating balance, stability, and release. So take time to go deeper in your practice – let go of the struggle. Ultimately, this is a time when we can make real advancement within our spiritual growth. So don’t wast the opportunity August is granting us. Let down your guard of self-defense. Allow yourself to be a little more vulnerable, and discover that love, faith, truth and ultimately the Divine, are always the case in every moment. We can locate these greater attributes of life and start to live by a greater principle. May it be so!