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Welcome to the August Product Release 2017

We are facing a critical turning point in our human history. With the threats of war raging all around us and the de-stabilisation of all that we know, it is imperative that a level of balance and stability is reached during this very fragile time in our existence.

The Zoroastrian Current has become a vital part of the Esoteric Solution. With the advent of the Zoroastrian Bubblers entering the world over the last few years, we are seeing a real polarisation of the dark and light – revealing the darkness of this end-time, for the Light to penetrate and break through even more.

It is in this spirit and intention that this year’s August Products are released –
several new Zoroastrian pieces along with a whole new range of special ‘Camino’ Products – to celebrate the opening of our new ‘Heart Of Space Shop’ in the South Of France. 
These energy tools are the Esoteric Solution to what is unfolding all around us.

The Zoroastrian Energy House

We are delighted to present the latest Energy House – the Zoroastrian House. Based on the marriage of the great Zoroastrian religion with the Alchymeic Current, this new Energy House brings a whole new level of stability and depth of transformation.

Zoroastrianism was based in Persia and could have been a stable influence for anything up to 5000 years. So with respect to the Zoroastrian Current, the Energy represented here gives rise to the ‘creative control’ in the play between good and evil. This new Energy House is a profound new gift to help penetrate and split the very fabric of this place, to allow more Divine Light to enter at such a critical time.

Price: $9500
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The Ball Of Light Meditation Tool

“Real meditation is simply taking a moment to sit quietly in the present enjoyment of our confession of Happiness and allowing this Communion to consume our entire existence. Real meditation is therefore Communion with the Always Already Presence of the Infinite Current that lives and breathes us”.

This extraordinary new meditation tool has been created as an enhancement and deepening of any meditation practice. It has been created for physical interaction – the pyramid may be taken off, and the empowered golden ball may be cupped in the hands for communing with the Divine.

Price: $4800
Read more about this new Energy here…

The Meditation Vial Pack

The Meditation Vial Pack is an extraordinary selection of Alchymeic Energies. This particular group of empowered Vials consists of some of the most profound and deeply penetrating currents that have ever been made available.  Real meditation is ‘Communion with the Always Already Presence of the Infinite Current’. These Energies bring you to that very moment. The Packs have been created for a process of adaptation and transformation. Like stepping stones, they provide the foundation on which our passage is lit. The Vial Packs represent evolutionary portals of awakening and understanding.

This new Vial Pack comes with a very special new mini Zoroastrian Stargate Box, which is designed specific to be used with the vials of the Meditation Pack only.

Price: $2500 (includes NEW Zoroastrian Stargate Box)
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New Alchymeic Jewellery

These exquisite pieces have been given out of Divine Vision to help support this shift in consciousness taking place, to hold our psychic space, and further aid our transformation.

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Hermetic Year Earring

Akashic Records

Dont’ Fence Me In

The Christic Cross

The New Camino Product Range

This wondrous new range of Alchymeic Energies has been created in celebration of the establishment of a Heart Of Space Centre at the onset of the great Camino walk that spans from southern France to the coast of Spain. These incredible Camino Energies hold the essence of what the Camino walk is all about – faith, hope, renewal and inspection. These Energies and additional Camino products will be available to everyone world wide soon – supporting us in our walk of awakening, wherever we are!

Camino Wands

Camino Discs

Camino T-Shirts

The Camino Wands

Walk of Faith:- taking the next step without knowing how, without knowing why. Moving forward allowing ourselves to be directed by Grace. May it be So. When the search comes to an end.
Walk of Hope:- this current allows the re-sparking of the heart current to a felt optimism – a sense of joy without any actual event needing to occur.
Walk of Inspection:- Contemplation, a felt seeing, a remembrance of what is Real and a seeing of how we have strayed from the true Path. May it be So!!
Walk of Renewal:- May our renewal be both whole bodily and spiritually as we walk the walk of awakening. May it be so!!
The Camino Walk:- Shining a Light through the Ages, allowing the past to be resolved in Present Happiness, full of joy and Heart knowing. May it be So!!

Product Re-release

Here are some other very special Products that we’d like to remind you of – some Energies which are very closely aligned to the spirit of this August Offering. They are essential tools to help nourish, renew and support us at every level during this great transition.

Carma Keyring

Zoroastrian Product

Stargate Box

The Zoroastrian Product

The Zoroastrian Product has come at a time when all time seems to have run out. The darkness that is abroad across this earth plane appears to be pressing in upon us, which is forcing a great purge as well as opportunity to grow and awaken.

The arrival of the Zoroastrian Products are to bring real balance between the dark and the light. They are about the relationship and the interaction between good and evil. The current of this energy represents stability in the balance of good and evil.

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