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The Ball Of Light Meditation Tool

It is always a delight to us to hear peoples responses to receiving the new Alchymeic Energies. This new Ball Of Light Meditation Tool is truly a wonder and we can’t wait to hear many more stories as they go out to the world.

“I was privileged to spend some time with the first ‘Ball of Light Meditation Tool’ last night. It was so amazing!  The look of it is simple yet so exquisite!  It shatters the mind.  It gave me so much more space.  I felt a profound stillness.  I didn’t even notice other people around me!  I could feel bodily all the tension calming down and dissolving.  My whole body dropped into this space of no stress, no mind … just bliss.  All negative emotions were washed away, allowing me to feel more, to feel full in the heart.  I was brought into the present moment which felt like eternity.  I could stay with this energy forever”! – Sunami Sun Designer