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Let us celebrate the greatest potential of the female form and encourage all women to stand forward as the conscious creative force. Let us take a moment to reflect upon the beauty and wonder that is the sacred feminine.

In this time of great change and awakening on the planet, 2012 represents a unique moment in history for all women, a time where women are being given the opportunity to be restored to the fullness and radiance that is the true essence of the female awakened to Consciousness. This moment is the invitation for all women to stand and walk forward, beyond fear, anger, sorrow and the aggression and domination that has ruled and overwhelmed the female form, thus the earth plane, for lifetimes.

In spiritual terms, the highest potential for the female form is when she is awakened to Consciousness, or Light, or the Divine Current of Life itself. In order to surrender beyond all of the suffering, one must learn to trust our own intuitive connection to the Divine or the source, and to remember that we are loved and embraced eternally. We have all experienced moments where we can feel this connectedness, this feeling of non-separation from the whole. In our process of awakening to greater levels of understanding, this ‘awareness’ becomes a ‘realisation’, where the whole body at last surrenders to the Mystery of existence – beyond mind, beyond fear and beyond doubt.

This is a time of fruition. An evolutionary leap is now possible – it is a time to grasp the moment and move beyond all our limitations high and low, to pass through into a truly new age. An age of Enlightenment, alive in this world as a true Human Possibility. So let us rejoice and truly begin to feel the celebration of a time that is no longer coming, but is here already. May each and every women know and feel this blessing on this Mother’s Day and beyond.

<strong>An Invitation To All Men…</strong>
There is a necessity at this time for all men to awaken as feeling beings, able to surrender the need for control and power over and against the world, and allow the healing and flowering of the world and thus the female form. For too long men have dominated the world with mind over feeling and the outcome is now before us. But, at this time, there is a true Alchymie of transformation possible, where the male form is invited to whole-body feeling, caring and awakening, while the female form is being invited to an awakening within Consciousness. This is not to say that men become subservient to women or that women become the dominating force in the world. This shift is the inclusion and embrace of both aspects of our true form – Male and Female. Thus together, we embody the true human potential inherent within all of us. May it be so!

<strong>Energy Alchymie Happiness</strong> invites all women to discover the <a href=””>Venus Collection of Alchymeic Energies</a>, designed to support women through this passage of awakening. The Energies held within this Venus Collection hold the unique Alchymeic Intention to assist transformation beyond the karmic destinies of degradation and suffering. May it be so! (Men can also drink these Energies. In this situation men are given the opportunity to have a greater understanding of women and their own relationship to their feminine aspect of life.)