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The Chakra Pendants are literally the gift of the Divine Light descending to break open the knot of separative-self – then the ascent beyond identification with the frontal-line personality, and the emergence of the Divine Incarnating Personality. This process allows the body to awaken as the Temple Of Man, the Anthropocosmic current – allowing the Divine to finally emerge and take hold as these forms. Therefore, each person receiving the Chakra Pendants is given to pass through a whole-bodily opening, as the Divine Current descended through each Chakra and area of the body, awakening and taking hold in the centres. Each Pendant Energy is a whole NEW evolution on the actual Chakra centres themselves…

What People Are Saying About The Chakras

We have received some wonderful response to the Chakra Pendants recently. Here are just a few.

“…These profound energies are a shift in consciousness. Upon integrating the full set of pendants there was a literal bodily adaptation taking place in relation to how one conducts the life-force. Each chakra felt to be reconfigured into a new turbo form capable of receiving so much more life force. The whole form has never felt so ‘on’. So much more energy is now available and the centres never close… the bodily contraction that constantly and reflexively occurred in life now feels foreign. What was impossible at a bodily level of energy before, is now naturally possible! It’s like being ever ready to Divine Current..! I am so grateful for these profound gifts in my life. What I intuitively knew was a human possibility is literally occurring. I am being whole bodily restored to fullness of life…” H. Medinet

“…I received mine in a few stages, so I was able to clearly experience the differential between chakras that had the Pendants and those yet to come. It was such a profound thing to witness and come to know the power and gracious gift of the Chakras. I feel they are the key to the transformative process, the quickening so needed at this time. The Chakra Pendants are a radiant transformative current like no other! They literally hold the current of the Enlightened Form, outshining all of the archaeology and patterns held within each energy centre with an incredible force of Light. In my experience, the Chakra Pendants have allowed a much greater current of energy to be felt, and lived, whole bodily, enabling me to move freely and powerfully beyond my usual mechanisms and tendencies, by keeping the energy centres strong, full and radiant all the while…” K. Springs Australia

“…Something like… I wouldn’t have survived without them. The clarity the Chakra pendants are bringing to my form in every moment is an absolute necessity to walk in total submission to the Divine Current. Their daily engagement have allowed me to leave so much weight (ha….well) behind that knowing and understanding has become so much more obvious and has brought more clarity to everything around…” C.Rune – Germany

Within The Alchymie Of Creating Each Chakra Pendant, A Divine Vision Appeared…

Crown Chakra
Vision – the sacred geometry of Divine Light could be seen reconnecting and reconstructing to hold the balance of Divine Light as a flowering. Cracking through all distraction, dysfunction, it felt as a strengthening of the Bright Sky of Mind, Higher Consciousness. This Energy reconnects our spiritual knowing, our remembrance.

Third Eye Chakra
Vision – the point as upper and lower coils cross, could be seen. The Divine Light comes to a point in the upside down fractalizer, this point rests on the third eye. It appears as though there is a resistance as the light is being brought through into manifestation. There was a felt recognition, as though one was in the ancient corridors finding the way for the light to be held. The passage is revealed, it opens, there is the seeing, knowing and hearing – all brought to alertness as the formation of Light occurs, revealing the way, then exploding forward and outward. The lower Fractaliser was seen and felt as a volume of current. Literally, it appears in the vision that the brain is being recorded and worked to allow the other world.

Throat Chakra
Within the vision blue light appears, again a doorway appears – a portal to the inner sanctum is revealed. A feeling of walking through with urgency to deliver a message – doors opening, Brilliant Light is revealed. At last the message can be given. At last, the Holy Seals can be given – Sacred Knowledge held, delivered for all who are meant and able to receive it. Unlocking of the True Wisdom, the urgency to speak it – all is held, all is ordained. The unlocking of all the Sacred Wisdom, so it can be spoken, but only for those who are ready to receive. Awakened souls are waiting, are ready. Now is the time.

Heart Chakra
Within the birthing of the Heart Centre there allows for an explosion into the Eternal Smile. The current rushes up and out – the whole horizontal current opens. It is a felt current, an outpouring of Love, arms naturally extend, as in the expansion of the Heart – its conduit. There is felt a deep sense of intuitive knowing, a deep sense of knowing again, all is held sacred, all is in the Inner Chamber of the Heart. There is a flowering, a rush to create and spread current and touch all beings, things and places with this current of Love. A Divine outpouring.

Solar Plexus Chakra
In the vision, the current appears and it’s revealed to be walking through a dimension of yellow where Sacred Geometry and beams of light are all in movement, infinitely felt above – lines, angles, prisms. All is felt as a warmth, a safeness, a warm embrace – Safe at last. A feeling of wholeness, a smile all over as though waiting for lifetimes to find such a place. No threat, a peace, a deep knowing of peace. This pendant places this current on the solar plexus fitted there with Divine Hands.

Naval Chakra
Orange appears like a furnace within the vision – A Divine Fire. Such a feeling of strength, breathing through the heat, integrating such a Divine force, adaptation is required. It is as though we have been wasted in the toil of ordinary existence and not able to receive such a force. This is a battery, a charge to give us volumetric current. In this centre where the body should be naturally ignited – not by the power over mind, not by dominance or effort, by simply turning on the ignition, the engine of the bodily form. The passion and strength to move, to create, so that all components are unified, made whole. Belly brought into its natural capacity, not through coping mechanisms. Neither appearing as male or female, simply a portal of Return. This current has been broken in lifetimes, lost in seeking and desiring. The return passages within the energy systems of the body are allowed to exist here where the current can return to the Infinite Path upward, to the Divine Star. This is a re-adaptation as over lifetimes the energy has been broken here, through dispersion and depletion and particularly where women have been misused over lifetimes. There is a communing made possible here, within an intimate union where the self dissolves in the remembrance of Only God, thus allowing Divine Communion to be felt as a regenerative and ecstatic renewal. The return channels of the energy circuitry open and conductivity allows Divine Surrender.

Base Chakra
Within the vision resting at the base of the spine, this energy gives stability and is felt as the Tree of Life. Firmly rooted down the legs, allowing the spine to feel a pathway of Return, allowing the Current to surge infinitely above, infinitely below. It brings a surety of standing firm, standing in place. A strengthening of the form made whole. Vision – ancient tunnels underground maps were seen, with networks of secret passages – a wisdom of the alchemists, hidden corridors, unknown above – had more control of everything, of all. Opening those secret passages.