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Here we are… in the final month of 2012. There are probably very few people who haven’t been going through some kind of major change or challenging circumstances in their lives these past twelve month. This was always a given as we entered this predicted ‘end time’, but which way it goes for us was always a matter of whether we were going to be ready and aligned, or hold on kicking and screaming as our old patters go sailing out the window. So, we are faced with an enormous challenge and yet at the same time an extraordinary opportunity to make the shift in consciousness. What’s it going to be….?

We have already passed through some very tight Astrological transits over the last two year. For the most part, what is actually happening is, we are starting to pop through to the other side and beginning to feel the ramifications of what has already been taking place – the shift in consciousness that was a given at this time. Are we going to see the world blow up in a puff of smoke or the earth stop spinning and start turning the other way… most likely not. Are we all of a sudden going to see thousands of ‘light beings’ walking the streets overnight… most likely not. But what we need to see is that this transition from the ‘age of darkness’ (the 26000 year cycle of the kali yuga) has come to a literal end this year and the ‘flip’ to this shift in consciousness, at an energetic level, happened in the blink of an eye – a tipping point. Sadly, many destructive and horrific outcomes will continue to unfold on earth as the purification takes place, but the age of unconsciousness has ended and we will begin to see much more of the new ‘dawn’ arising, moment to moment now.

As we walk our walk of faith through this month, and particularly as we approach the Mayan End Time date of the 21st of December, there are many more exciting alignments taking place in the stars that will continue to inspire more shifts for us. Here are some of the important ones to look out for…

On the 21st of December, the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and the Sun in Sagittarius is in alignment with the galactic center of our Milky Way galaxy. This is the infamous end-of-the world date that many have been buzzing about.

Around the last day of the year, the planet Mercury makes a conjunction to the Galactic Center in Sagittarius. Mercury holds the archetype for the rational, logical mind. This scientific “point of view” and male mind thinking is what has to change or be purified to save the planet from destruction. We can change our negative meditations, thinking and self-destructive tendencies. This alignment with the higher aimed arrow of truth of Sagittarius in the heart of our galaxy is a sign of what is to be and what has to change. The introduction of the new Alchymeic Products – the Tao House, and the two new wands: 2012 End Time = Age of Light and Earth Heartbeat, are a profound gift given to help us transition to the new cycle that is starting to enter.

Saturn, also referred to as ‘father time’, the planet of our karmic growth lessons continues to move forward in Scorpio, and is in mutual reception to Pluto in the sign of Capricorn. This means that the impact of these two planets is strengthened by being in each others ruling signs. This occurred a few years back when Neptune was in Uranus’s sign of Aquarius, and Uranus was in Pisces, the ruling sign of Neptune. Saturn’s lessons in Scorpio involve Plutonian life and death issues: how one handles the life force and facing the death process or endings of all kind. Pluto in Capricorn will destroy or transform old Saturnian structures which no longer are needed for the new cycle we are entering. These two planets are in a sextile or easeful relation to each other for almost the whole month, and continuing into the new year. This alignment can help the transformation process in a more easeful manner, and help in bringing in the new year of 2013 in a more grounded manner.

Another mutual reception occurs throughout the second half of December as Mercury is in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius, and Jupiter is retrograde in Mercury’s sign of Gemini. This can aid us at this time of transformation by helping to keep our attention lifted to a much higher level. It can help us trust that all that is changing around and within us has a purpose, or deeper meaning. Saturn brings us Scorpio’s intensity in lessons of life, death and rebirth forcing us to find a new relationship to these aspects arising within our own lives.

The transiting North Node is also in Scorpio (and stays in that sign till February 2014), which means our growth lies in surrendering to the transformation or letting go of the karmic baggage that we are holding onto.

The celestial handwriting of the planets and cosmic forces at this time reveals that ‘this world’ is merging with ‘the other world’. There are many cosmic signs appearing at this time such as the ‘scorpio stellium’ appearing above the pyramids which is an auspicious phenomena. The brightest star, venus, at 13-14 degrees scorpio, embracing both mercury, & saturn, & spica also in the alignment. Venus, planet of love, mercury, planet of communication, & saturn, initiation, & traditionally, “old father time”, & now “end time”. These planets in scorpio signal a transformation (death & rebirth) of all that relates to heart, mind, & time! The time (saturn) to let go (scorpio) of karma (saturn) in all relationships, & all that burdens the heart (venus). The need to forgive, understand, be in humour. this is the initiation (saturn).

By late December Saturn (time) & pluto (endings) will be in each other’s signs in a harmonious aspect (sextile) at 9 degrees. Nine is the last number – the completion or end of a cycle. Saturn & pluto definitely represent kali yuga, and it’s end.Venus, the brightest star above the pyramids in December in a stellar line up is pointing the way to shining as the heart.

In Summary….
So, it’s that time folks… are you feeling it… are you allowing it… regardless of what is arising for you at this time, we are all passing through the eye of the needle. What a gift and a blessing it is to be alive at such an incredible time! Stay one pointed, open hearted and open bodied. We will be required to continue to expand to meet the many ‘release points’ as the old structures continue to fall away. This is all that is required of us – to stand witness to the shift taking place and allow it in our own case.

Allow it, embrace it, let go and walk forward with courage and conviction. As always, we encourage you to continue to engage the Alchymeic Products to support your transit. They are truly wondrous and can really help make things much more easeful. Some of the Energies to note at this time are – the Astrology Wizard, The 2012 End Time Wand and the Tao Energy House. God bless you all and keep you safe always.