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Here at Hermes Far Eastern Shining, we have a great way for people to participate at an introductory level with the Alchymeic Energies – The Disc Of The Month.

Although these Energies are by no means ‘introductory’, (and do cover a wide array of important issues), this programme is a very good way to get to know the Alchymie and how it can support you in your day to day. For those who are familiar with the Alchymie, it is a chance to re-discover some familiar Discs and to try some new ones.

Each monthly Disc is available for $35 + shipping. 

Or you can join the Disc Of The Month Club. Members receive: (commitment to a yearly subscription is required to receive these benefits).

– The Disc Of The Month for $30 

– The Disc Of The Month on a card with description

– Four additional Discs free each year (chosen by Hermes)

– Free shipping for the monthly Discs and four additional Discs

*Those who pay for a yearly subscription in full, receive a further 10% discount. (*Special condition – This club is a commitment for a twelve month period. If you unsubscribe at any point you will forfeit the club benefits.) 

Please contact Hermes to become a part of this fabulous programme>


Disc Of The month Testimonials

“I have found the Disc of The Month to be such a fundamental support for me and my day-to-day spiritual practice and transformation in this Alchymie. Each month receiving a new Radiant Realm Energy to hold and support me in this great Hermetic matter is an absolute blessing. Furthermore the Disc Energy chosen by Hermes always seems to be perfectly aligned to what is arising during the month. It is with much anticipation and delight to be apart of such a wonderful programme, that is so exquisitely nourishing and supportive for the Heart. Thank you to Hermes Far Eastern Shining!” – Dunston Isis Lully

“I have been a Disc Of The Month member for almost a year now. Since joining the program I have felt considerable growth. The Energies imbued in the Disc’s give me the strength, brightness and vibration required to get through may difficult patterns. I feel completely different from a year ago! The Hermes team have also been extremely helpful with teaching me about the discs and providing insight and extra guidance. I recommend DOM program for everyone in this matter, as it connects us as well as transforming us.” – N.C

“The Disc of The Month is always the precise Energy to purify what is needed each month. We have noticed that it addresses the issues that are arising for us and  inherently frees us from the patterns and Karma that bind us to that which is less than Love. It even comes with a write up and questions to help us examine our own limitations to Awakening as Love. The discs are a great blessing for these times of acceleration in Consciousness we are now passing through.What a blessing.” – Eigen Eigen & Akkadian