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Hermes has a handful of representatives world-wide. Please feel free to contact them at any time for enquires about the Alchymeic Products or sessions and group information in your area.

Sunami Designer

Sunami Designer

Asia Representative

Sunami has been actively practising Alchymie as a Hermes Far Eastern Shining Distributor for over 17 years.  Throughout these years, she has traveled extensively, holding workshops, seminars, groups and one-on-one transformative sessions for hundreds of people in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. She has also served as a representative for the Hermes Products in many holistic fairs and shows. Contact Sunami for a session, workshop or any other query.

+ 61 420 391 181

“I embrace Alchymie in all different aspects of my daily life.  Over 14 years of living and breathing with Alchymie, I truly feel this blessing transformed my life; my life is fuller and has a much greater level of freedom.  I am moved to share this wondrous Alchymeic process and Energy tools with others.   Supporting others in the Alchymeic transformative process and seeing real changes in them has been totally nourishing for my heart.” – Sunami Designer

Omni Bells

Omni Bells

Europe Representative

Omni has been a Hermes Far Eastern Shining Distributor for over 17 years and has extensive experience in the presentation of the Alchymeic Products, workshops and one on one consultations. She has also lived and worked extensively across Europe and the USA presenting and teaching about the Hermetic process and Alchymeic Products to hundreds of networks and groups. Please contact Omni about a group or one-on-one consultation in one of these regions.

Email –

“I am always inspired by the responses to these wonderful products wherever I go. They seem to touch people in a way that nothing I have work with has ever done. The transformations are always extraordinary, whether instant or over time, I always get results using the Alchymeic Products of Herms Far Eastern Shining.

In particular, I love seeing the change in people and the environment when we place Heart of Space Product into a new country. There is always a tangible, energetic response and those who are sensitive to energy can really feel it.”

Peaches Land

Peaches Land

Australia and European Representative

Peaches has been working with the Alchymie for over 17 years. Feeling the profound change and transformation happening in her life after using the energies, she decided to become an independant Distributor for Hermes Far Eastern Shining to offer support to others choosing to embark upon their own spiritual journey. This support comes in the form of Personal sessions, workshops/seminars and smaller groups, where Peaches feels education, feeling and receiving the energies, is a way for you to come allow your own Transformation and to know the Divine.

+ 612 459 712 377

“What I have come to know is the key attribute of this work  is that it allows the potential for great numbers of people to receive support in their daily life and be aided in their own Awakening process. This offering is vastly different from most current and historical pursuits of spiritual enlightenment or transformation, which usually require gatherings, strict practices or the guru / devotee relationship.  I feel that you will truly be delighted with all that this work offers for your own growth on whatever level you choose. Feel empowered, feel the awakening of your own intuition on a real level and feel your Heart” – Peaches Land