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After releasing the previous year and establishing our new foundation in January, February brings us to the grounding of a whole new way of being – the awakening beyond ‘linear mind’  to the ‘Volumetric Current’ of Real Life, or the ‘feeling dimension’ of existence. We begin to discover that we are much more that what we ordinarily appear to be – that we are alive as ENERGY! Every action, every thought, every gesture we make, has an Impact. Having passed through January’s transitional phase, February now allows us the opportunity of a real breakthrough into a life of ‘whole-bodily feeling’, beyond merely living from ‘linear mind’. Therefore we begin to awaken to understand that we can truly make a difference, not only in our own life, but in the lives of those around us and the world at large.

Also, following the celebratory period of Christmas and the transition through January, February is a time to contemplate renewal and revitalisation at a physical level. We start to move with this ‘volumetric feeling’. In other words, the brain-mind relaxes from merely thinking, thinking, thinking, (subject/object linear thought), and we begin ‘feel’ life as ‘volume’ or the feeling dimension – allowing ourselves to breathe, feel, let go and discover trust and Grace to move our life. We begin to learn to live from ‘feeling’, rather than ‘thinking’. So we can begin to ‘feel’ what is really going to support us psychically as well as bodily and start to make those adjustments in our lives.

Within The Alchymie Of Creation, A Divine Vision Appeared…

After being Ignited in the spark of January, we now begin to learn a whole new principle of existence. We are loosened from the shackles of lifetimes wandering lost within the caves of mind. We take our first steps into the ‘feeling dimension’ holding this February Energy. It invokes and invites us to discover it is possible to begin to walk and live our intuitive gnosis.  It encompases all New Years, both the East and West, move us beyond. There is no turning back now – this Hermetic Year has begun! Held within this current is the embrace of the Divine to give us the courage to begin to take our first footsteps forward for the year, awakening to the ‘feeling’ whole-bodied dimension of existence. This February Current also allows a detoxification, which is perfectly synchronistic to the awakening within Consciousness.


February sees the ignition of the Chinese New Year! This is a significant energy to take into account within the Hermetic Energy Work. As with the Western Astrology, the Eastern Astrology can be felt and engaged energetically as a transformative passage. Each year there are Alchymeic Energies given to directly help us align to and transform all the aspect of the Chinese Astrological influences. If you have these Energies, February is the time to start engaging them.

Additional Alchymeic Energies For February:


  • Archangel Chamuel – Wand/Vial – (Releasing from Doubt Of Love)
  • Archangel Haniel – Wand/Vial – (Trusting the Divine Embrace)
  • Logan’s Run – Wand/Vial
  • Astrology Wizard – Wand
  • Chinese Astrology Collection – Collection/Wand/Disc
  • Conscious Exercise – Collection/Wands/Discs
  • Food Blessing Collection – Collection/Wands/Discs
  • Soma – Disc
  • I’m Not The Only One – Disc
  • Manna – Disc


  • Maha
  • Sweet Point


  • Temple Of Man Octahedron
  • Food And Beverage Blessing
  • 2nd Pack
  • Marque 2 Spacer