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This month, we continue to make our passage beyond the end of the ‘old world’ and persist in our transition into ‘The Age of Light’. And we are given some exciting and powerful impetous to continue to make this passage with courage, insight and conviction.


We start this month’s major Astrological influences with the arrival of the Chinese New Year on February the 10th – the year of the Water Snake.

The snake is the deepest and most intense sign of the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs. The snake requires and inspires transformation and sheds its skin cyclically, alluding to its transient nature. So here it is – let go, sacrifice, surrender – give up all that is not truly serving and open to that which is greater and beyond our ordinary day-to-day lives. This is the perfect energy to support the release of the minded structures and egoic identification we have been holding onto. Move with the feeling of surrender and humility to allow yourself to be more in harmony with what’s going on.

The snake is intensely psychic – intuitive, philosophical and wise. But that’s not enough if you don’t go with your feelings and inner knowing. Therefore, it’s an absolute MUST in the Year of the Snake to follow your intuition! This will ensure you are in the flow, not stuck in muscular, crunchy ways of functioning (which was how 2012 was for many).

The snake also needs and knows how to restore, so it’s an important year to allow reflection and consideration of this as needed. Perhaps its time that you consider taking up that basic practice of restoration and renewal in your busy life that you’ve been considering for a while – yoga, meditation, care for the body etc… A good year for body work, massage and spa visits.

Something else to be aware of in the Year Of The Snake, is a need to properly direct intense feelings and passion. The snake represents Kundalini. This powerful energy can be truly enjoyed and can vastly evolve our transformation, but we must learn to ‘conduct’ or properly allow it. Without inspection, our passions and desires can overwhelm us and we can become too fixed and distracted with things that don’t support us. If you feel overly intense, redirect the intensity into creative endeavours  or exercise, yoga and deep breathing.

The snake is all about energy, chi, prana – Kundalini in all it’s forms: money, food, sex, so expect these issues to be in sharp focus as we enter the Chinese New Year on the 10th. On a bigger scale we will also see the continued testing of all financial systems all over the world. The purification of these structures isn’t complete yet…!



– The Year of the Water Snake begins with the Sun and new Moon in Aquarius, with the new moon always echoing an opportunity for a new chapter.

– Planting seeds, and intentions/purposes or the year coming.

– Venus conjunct Saturn. This is ‘serious relationship’ business! It can manifest in several ways – by bringing unnecessary, limiting relationships, or consolidate relationships. In either case, it certainly brings to the surface our deep desire to be serious about, and discover what love is. A need to let go of minded, complacent and structured ways of ‘coping’ in relationship and to be mature in response. Venus sextile Pluto in transit will help support meaningful, deep commitments and unions. Keep abreast of this on Valentines Day on 14th February.

– The other important aspect at this time is the new moon once again featuring this time in a T Square with the moon’s nodes (Once again in Scorpio). The moon has an intense desire and instinctive nature and this, combined with the other intense astrological energies of this time, requires that we let go of all stubbornness. The need to be more flexible, flowing and to let go of emotional detachment and Idealisation.



– on Feb 23rd Mercury goes Retrograde in the sign of Pisces. Caution regarding nebulous, fuzzy, ‘confused lost in translation’ communication at a functional, day to day level. Retrograde Mercury can be great for music, poetry and access to the ‘mystical’.

– Saturn and Pluto will be in a harmonious sextile relationship with Venus supporting the mix, and by the end of February Saturn will be at 11 degrees and Pluto will be at 11 degrees (Scorpio & Capricorn respectively). The Saturnian lessons in Scorpio is in harmony with the Plutonian change. A fortuitous omen! So however it may look on the outside it’s good! This 11:11 numerology combining with the Astrological portents is a very good omen for 2013.

Good luck everybody as you enter this months shifts. We look forward to bringing you as much insight throughout the month as we progress. As always, we urge you to experience the fabulous Astrology Wizard Wand – This Alchymeic Energy is specifically designed to help you assimilate and clear all the astrolotical influences we encounter on a daily basis Astrologically.