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It has been a year since we started presenting the Alchymie via our wonderful Webinar programme. In celebration we would like to invite everyone to come and participate on the next two webinars free! The webinars are simple and very accessible. They are both this week, and places will be limited… So click on these links below to register NOW!

Intro To Psychic Wellbeing

Please register for Free Introduction To ‘Psychic Wellbeing’ on Nov 07, 2018 1:00 PM AEDT at:

This Tuesday night (Wednesday AUS), for our Hermes Alchymie webinar, we are going to be holding a special ‘Psychic Wellbeing’ exercise, to focus in on some of the fundamentals of what it takes us to be psychically strong at these important times. This webinar is a precursor to a ‘Psychic Wellbeing’ course that we will soon be running 

Participate in contemplating, remembering and practicing what it takes to be clear, strong and one-pointed, and what it takes us to be ’true humans’ at this time.

This event will be a 1hr event, introducing the basic practices and fundamental Alchymie Energies to support Psychic Wellbeing.

If you have any of the Hermes Alchymie Energies related to Psychic Clearing, please have them with you.

Some of these are:
– Don’t Fence Me In Arranging 231
– Lifestream Arranging 186
– Big Black Hole Soak
– Arranging 185
– Arranging 242
– Psychic Field Stress
– Invasion Wizard – Arranging 260

* Please make sure you have a clear, conscious space to enjoy this moment – free of distractions. Please turn your phone off, have a glass of water and be comfortable!

Universal Hermetic Prayer

Please register for Free Universal Hermetic Prayer on Nov 09, 2018 1:00 PM AEDT at:

Come celebrate the bigger Alchymeic vision for Hermes Far Eastern Shining, and experience the power of the Esoteric Bubblers and Heart of Space –

One of the most profound and transformative Energetic presence on the earth plane at this time – the Heart of Space and Bubblers of Hermes Far Eastern Shining are given to help purify, transform and restore the ‘esoteric body’ of both the earth and humans alike.

These Bubblers are a true blessing to all who encounter them – restoring deeply the fragile and subtle energetic levels of our multi-dimensional beings.

“Imagine an entire world of human beings living and breathing on the basis of Love Itself. Without warring, without judgement, without boundary, without separation – yielded as only Love. Together, creating an energetic field which allows the Consciousness of Love Itself to spread like a wildfire across the earth plane. Imagine such a possibility… To create this as a prototype for this world is the longing… That is what Hermes Far Eastern Shining is all about.”

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.