Hello everyone. In the interest of being open and transparent, we want to share something with you.

Over the past 10 years, Hermes Far Eastern Shining has been attacked by several Australian media outlets. This has been terrible at times to endure, as individuals and as a business. Unfortunately, we’ve become somewhat of a punching bag for attacking the New Age movement in general.

Hermes Far Eastern Shining is an Australian company that produces Alchymeic Artifacts. It is with the support of these Artifacts that we inspire individuals to grow beyond their present levels of limitation, inviting the process of Real Transformation. Our work is esoteric in essence, and non-denominational in its spiritual presence. We aspire to the recognition that every action we make has a consequence and energetic impact, not only an environmental impact, but an impact on all living beings, and on the Cosmos Itself.

After years of this kind of ‘trial by media,’ we feel it is time re-dress these misconceptions and negative gossip. We remain open and transparent with everyone. If you have any questions in relation to these matters, please feel free to contact us via info@hfes.org.au.

Thank you to all of our friends all over the world who recognise this great work and have supported us for many years.

Blessings, from all of us at Hermes Far Eastern Shining.


Also, some of you may have seen the Channel 7 news story last evening hoping to find a missing woman who they thought may have been living out in our village. She went missing 22 years ago and her daughter Sally has been searching for her since then. Unfortunately, Hermes did not have our business establishment in the area until several years after her disappearance, and we have no knowledge of this lady or her whereabouts. We wish Sally every success in locating her mother.

The issues before us are that, even though Channel 7 was given factual information about the town and the businesses, (before the programme went to air), it still chose to paint a very negative picture of the village. These blatant lies are very hurtful and damaging to the whole village and the residents who rely heavily on tourism for its economic viability. The facts are these:

– The businesses in the Tyalgum village are all owned by individuals.

– Flutterbies Café is not owned by Hermes.

– Hermes Far Eastern Shining is a business that makes esoteric energy artefacts and mainly exports these overseas and does not own any other business.

Some individuals in the village following an esoteric spiritual philosophy, also use the energy artefacts made by Hermes.

– These same individuals live in their own homes (rented or owned) and do not live on a communal property.

If you would like to know more about any of the above please email us info@hfes.org.au

Blessings, from all of us at Hermes Far Eastern Shining.