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As we Walking dark corridors, dissolving separation through May, June and July, we take a moment to remember what this passage is about – allowing the end of the Age of Darkness.

This is a pinnacle point within the Hermetic Calendar year. A point where the deepening of the Hermetic Process begins to be accessed. We call this period, ‘the period of dissolving dualities’. The conversion from one principle to another. The inspection of dissolving separation until at last, all dualities, all subject/object, all linear thought resolves in the awakening to the principle of non-separation, non-differentiation, free at last in the Bliss of the Eternal Domain.

The Hermetic Process, this journey of awakening will continue for years to stablise – the deep layering of the knot of ‘I’ can only be revealed over time. A spontaneous awakening is rare and usually is sychronistic with the birth of a fully realized sage or adept, born purely for the sake of awakening others. However, for the rest of us mere mortals, it is a journey of discovery, of being released, like an onion peel, layering after layering. Over the coming months, we work to dissolve all duality through the Hermetic Touch. We dissolve the differential between the upper coil (northern hemisphere – summer solstice), and lower coil (the southern hemisphere – winter solstice) – drawing us beyond the conventions of the worldly polarity, allowing a great realisation that transcends all such differences.

June – Piercing The Knot Of Separative Self

Within The Alchymie Of Creation, A Divine Vision Appeared….
Following the Alchymeic passage of ‘May’ – walking through the corridors of all the ages, constantly seeking or trying to find a way through to the Light, lifetime after lifetime – in ‘June’ you come to the inner chamber, the inner sanctum, where there is this brilliant Light shining in the darkness. It is the inner chamber of the Pyramids and of the Heart itself. Having dissolved all seeking, there in the brilliant Light of intuitive gnosis, one comes to the dissolution of separate self – in the resolution of all karma, the dissolution of all mortal form. There is the coincide moment, this coincident current, this inner chamber that dissolves all in the present moment of Eternal Light.

Alchymeic Energies For June:

  • Don Juan Egg Elixir – Disc
  • Blue Series – Discs
  • Light Breaks where no Light Shines – Disc
  • Inner Chamber – Pendant
  • Thoth’s Staff – Pendant
  • Excalibur – Pendant
  • Fractaliser
  • Blue Octahedron – Octahedron