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We are delighted to announce that the Saturn Bubbler for Italy has been re-located to a wonderful new environment in the stunning Damanhur Community – Northern Italy. This Bubbler was purchased seven years ago and has been re-located three times previously due to people not being able to hold it. It now feels like it has found a true home where it will be held and enjoyed at the highest level.

One of our Australia representatives, Peaches, was in Italy moving the Italian Saturn Bubbler. The Damanhur Community have embraced the arrival of the Bubbler enthusiastically! Damanhur is an incredible place for the Bubbler to be held. They have an amazing story and history and have created an beautiful community of love and service to the Earth. We urge you to read about and discover Damanhur for yourself – Click here>

We are truly looking forward to hearing how they feel and receive the Bubbler over the coming weeks. Thank you to the beautiful Damanhur people. Enjoy

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Here is the story of the Bubbler re-location, from our Hermes Representative who moved the Bubbler

“Hi from Italy

I arrived into Milan at 5pm on 25/5 to pick up the Saturn Bubbler from the previous holder to take it to the Damanhur Community. We arrived at their Community House in the mountains at 9.30pm.There was a large group of people awaiting my arrival. I went and got the Bright Room Energy House and placed it in front of me on the dinner table and started to present it to them. Tridacna (my host), was stopping me every sentence to translate into Italian. Everyone was so enthusiastic and drinking as much Bright Room as they could. By midnight I suggested people go home!! The next day they spent 5 hours touring me around the Damanhur Visitors centre. This also includes the Ritual Practice areas. Their outdoor Temple and Ley Lines, Labyrinths, Symbolic Statues etc. a meditation consists of walking the labyrinths and geometrical patterns. I also visited the School which has many children in different classes. It is such an incredible vision and creation that they have achieved. They also have their own supermarket, Healing rooms, for using the Selfica tools, Art rooms, consisting of mosaics and different forms of staining glass for the Temples, pottery rooms for the statues they make. A workshop space where their Product is made.

The Damanhur Community consists of 600 permanent members who live in the Community which consists of many different villages and areas covering 50 square miles. They choose to be placed in ‘Nucleo’, smaller Communities within the main Community. These are Water, Fire, Earth and Air. People work within their Nucleo and also for the whole, as well as running their own businesses. They have their own Organic Farm and Vegetable Gardens.

On Friday 27th May, the Saturn Bubbler was set up. It is one of the original Bubblers with few Energies on the Spheres. There were a few options of placements. One of the most enthusiastic Nucleos was the Water Nucleo. The people were asking for the Bubbler. They study Water!! The natural purification through reed beds, zeolite, a labyrinth made with water etc. using water through their transformative processes.

On the day, as we were driving to visit the main House to feel the appropriateness of this placement, I was unsure. The Community was a long way from the main Visitors Centre and down the mountain.  To set the scene… The roads are very narrow. Suddenly, an enormous eagle flew out of a low roadside tree, swooped down towards the car and veered across the windscreen, it felt like it was looking me in the eye, then did a 180 back into a tree in front of us. I felt this was a sign that the placement was good!! They received me for a Community lunch where I placed the Bright Room and Wands on the table for them to become acquainted with. They presented me with a gift of a Selfica and also a lovely handwritten letter for our Community. The Bubbler set-up was attended by 13 people. Each person held and placed a sphere. The Energy building up was intense and the clouds started to darken! The folk felt a shift and were in gratitude of the Bubbler and the connection with the Hermes Community.

On Saturday I was given a tour of their underground Temples. These were started in 1978 by a man now known as Falco. He passed in 2013.  He had visions from when he was 10 yrs old of these Temples. He travelled the world to find the right place to build them. He discovered this area in the foothills of the Italian Alps as it has 4 crossing Ley lines called Synchronistic Lines that go out across the earth plane. One night after a few beverages, he and a few of his friends that shared his vision, in secret started to hand dig in his back garden. They were discovered after many years of creation by the Government and the Temples were confiscated. After persuasion and help from the UN, they were given back and work continued. Many years later and with more hands to help, they created painted rooms with all the symbology of all philosophies, religions etc. and murals Michelangelo would be proud of. Each room is dedicated to a particular level of transformation through art, symbology and sound. One of the Temples has an 8m high ceiling. Another has 9 large glass spheres that transmit universal energy. The lowest floor of the Temple is 73m underground. An immense karma yoga!!!

That same evening, Squalo invited me to a Wedding in their outdoor Temple. The whole Community was there and it started to rain, torrential rain. Then suddenly stopped as they started their ritual. It transpired to be a wedding of commitment to the Divinity in each one of them. They spent an hour doing different rituals, fire burning, taking sacrament, honouring each other then swapping candles and hugging each other.

All the people I have met are very excited about our Alchymie and meeting someone else from another Community. The Alchymie has made an impression and they want to know more ….

God is Gracious. Peaches