Have your Astrology Wizard Wand ready for action! July brings some exciting and challenging aspects! (This Wand Energy transforms the energy of our personal and planetary astrology, bringing it to its highest expression and liberating us from the unconscious aspects of our astrology. Therefore, engaging this Wizard Wand could be the best astrological action you ever take..!)

After 6 weeks of Mars retrograde in Scorpio, in which the very worst of its unconscious physical expression surfaced, the intensity of this retrograde aspect has come to an end. With Mars now going direct, the brakes released, supporting us moving forward with greater ease and confidence. Mars will transit through the last degrees of Scorpio, supporting positive elimination, focus, and determination.

Throughout July, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus will be in either Cancer or Leo – ruled by the moon and the sun respectively. This supports feeling, with the focus on creating foundations, family and domestic life (cancer), and exuberance, with the focus on leadership, happy play, creativity (leo).

The new moon on July 4th at 12 degrees Cancer  supports a fresh start with new goals and opportunities related to nurturing, family, home and garden. Use the Astrology Wizard to support and enhance this great aspect the new moon in cancer brings.

The full moon on July 20th at 27 degrees Capricorn requires balancing the Cancer/Capricorn axis, and the need to express maturity of feelings, and avoid emotionality. Embrace and balance personal and career issues – neither to the exclusion of the other at this time. Any conflict at full moon suggests a lack of polarisation. Note the sign opposite to where the sun is and reflect on whether you are alive as the positive expression of both signs. If in the witness you find one is dominant or one is weak, use the Astrology Wizard to transform that expression in your astrology.

Monday 26th July brings 6 planets in fire signs (a stellium) – the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Uranus. This is a highly motivating energetic. The stellium supports dynamism – so let’s use it to initiate or further our creative expressions and projects.

An earth grand trine will support grounding the creative impetus, and the Jupiter and North Node in earth sign Virgo flowing to Pluto in earth sign Capricorn will support resourcefulness in grounding the creative dynamism of the Fire stellium.

For the next 10 weeks we continue with Saturn in Sagittarius in a challenging square to Neptune in Pisces. At the start of July they will both be at 11 degrees. To integrate these different energies, we, and the world population needs the help of the Astrology Wizard.

Further Astrological Consideration For This Month

Traditionally, Saturn was conceived of as the “devil”, as hell, as time, and work. Juxtaposing this, Neptune was perceived as the “angel”, as heaven, as timelessness, and rest in the mystery.

Saturn matures and liberates us through confronting and responding to karma, and Neptune liberates us through aligning to the bliss current of the divine. Saturn brings sobriety, necessary focus and caution, devotion to work, and commitment. Neptune brings ease, ecstatic contemplation, bliss, divine possession. July 2016 wants us to bring the two powers, Saturn and Neptune together! If these 2 planets feature strongly in your personal astrology chart then it may already be that they are unified. If one is in a weaker aspect in your chart, and needs strengthening, the Astrology Wizard* can help.

Saturn learns from Neptune to release unnecessary structure, or identification with it. This means releasing rigidity, rules, work consumption, unbridled worldly ambition (for status, etc.). Neptune invites Saturn to embrace the unfathomable, the ocean of feeling, timelessness.

Neptune learns from Saturn to stop escaping, stop dreaming, stop eluding, stop hiding. This means to get a grip, get real, release the watershed. Saturn invites Neptune to embrace responsibility, commitment, and the gift of meaningful work and service.

It is clear that Saturn relates very much to the earth realm, and Neptune to the heavenly realm. The invitation implicit in this July 2016 transit between Saturn and Neptune is to unify them – to unite heaven and earth. The Hermes edict – “as above, so below”. The qualities of both planets are crucial to Consciousness, to life here on earth, as it aligns to the light of the heaven realm as the truth of us. The Alchymie is given as Grace to support this, and be the Divine Star we truly are!

*Available through the Hermes Far Eastern Shining website, along with many other Alchymeic Energies that support Conscious astrology and Real life.