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Following on from the Hermetic theme of May – Dissolving Dualities, this months Astrology continues to support this important turning point within the Hermetic Calendar year. The astrological aspects for June provide the opportunities and the tension we need to further the transformation and growth as we continue to walk the ‘dissolution’ of dualities through May, June and July. There is a very expansive, liberating, slowing aspect to this month with Jupiter conjunct north node in Virgo. (see below). However, the most intense aspects granting us real transformative fire are between Saturn and Neptune, (a square – prevailing all month), and also the retrograde position of Mars in Scorpio (1st-29th). In general, the Astrology for June suggests a strong need for balancing expansion, and prudence. By embracing both polarities we dissolve the need to be either, just happily in the Present Moment.

*As always, we recommend working with your Astrology Wizard Wand whilst reading Astrology reports. All that is written in the stars is simply the ‘born destiny’, your karmic pattern, which must ultimately be transcended and dissolved in order for us to allow the true Awakening to Divine Being. So go get your Astrology Wizard Wand, tap it to your water, receive three sips, breathe and let go. Allow the dissolution of all that can be read and seen in and as the born karma and remember to not be fixated or fascinated by what can be read in the stars.

Retrograde Mars brings a focus to physicality – body language, energy, sexuality, assertion. What are we communicating physically? What do we actually ‘bring’ in our physical presence? Are we even away of how we present in the world and what our bodies are doing? Our thoughts, desires and everything we have been meditating upon, are ultimately expressed at the physical level, and retrograde Mars is the catalyst that reveals it. So it is an important time for us to inspect how we ‘present’ in the world and what we bring. The significant challenge afforded by this placement is overcoming suppressed desire, internalisation, frustration, anger and contraction. Retrograde Mars tends not to be straight, it tends to invert. So we need to really practise being straight and full, bringing energy, otherwise we are at risk of being driven inward. (Clearly, the ideal ALCHYMEIC energy is the Mars Collection – primarily for men, but very important also for women to drink).

The Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune challenge – (which forms a T square and then a grand cross), provides the opportunity to resolve the divide we may have between the physical and the spiritual – the worlds of form and the formless – the challenge between being responsible for karma and limitation (Saturn), when we want Divinity and freedom (Neptune). Rules, responsibilities, sacrifice (The cross) versus formlessness, ecstasy, the Mystery (the ocean). Negative Neptune in the form of escapism and, or fogginess, will confront a reckoning with Saturn – demanding us to Stand Firm and meet the moment and be committed. Negative Saturn in the form of bondage will have to be transcended by neptunium sensitivity and allowing the ecstatic current in! If this all sounds like quite the tightrope walk, don’t worry… it is all transcendable! The ALCHYMEIC Transformation Collection would be helpful for this challenging transit.

Finally, there is a very strong, positive aspect between the North node and Jupiter which brings intense aspiration to work and health issues. The direction we are going in will be under scrutiny and there will be energy and resourcefulness to improve our work and our health. A passion and optimism to bring about the ideals we have for our work and our health will be given great impetus. The need to unify the ideal and the practical will be powerful. Make sure you take time to contemplate your health and wellbeing as well as your work situation this month. The ALCHYMEIC Collection Functioning Truly In The Material World supports this aspect.