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The personal and planetary astrology for June 2012 is intense! Expect the unexpected, the extremes, the beginning and the end… It is definitely a real combination of the energy of the Mayan Calender, the Chinese year of the Water Dragon and several large planetary alignments. Things are really starting to hot up again, so get ready…

There are two major planetary aspects to look forward to this month, (they have not occurred in our lifetime, unless we are 120 years old…). The planets involved are Venus, Uranus and Pluto.

The first event is Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. This energy has been coming into effect for some time, but is now intensely active & will be in an exact square (challenge) on June 24th and will continue for the rest of the year.

This aspect signifies huge change – awakenings, revolutions, beginnings and endings, especially in all the ‘big’ things. Historically we have observed this in relation to governments, politics, institutions, the corporate world, cartels, finances, economics, technologies, the social fabric, & the earth, sea & sky itself. This is the definitive transit for breaking structures and the ‘flow on’ effect will be vast – touching all areas of life. Prepare to be part of living in a time of great change – a new earth, a new world!

The other event is historical – the occultation of Venus. On June 5-6th, Venus in Gemini will cross the face of the Sun. The last time this occurred was across Paris in 1874 and 1882, (true to the twin/pair nature of Gemini!) and only occurs every 200 years. At this time there was a new period of great energy, knowledge, communication and art activated. During the last nineteenth century occultation of Venus, the light bulb came into being, as did the telephone & motion pictures. Now that we are in the twenty first century, we can expect to see with this occultation of Venus, great new changes in the world.

June 2012 indicates big scale change and a special opportunity to resolve communication and relationship issues. Right from the start of the month there are some real creative tensions – Venus square Mars; the full moon in Sagittarius opposing the Sun in Gemini on the 4th; Venus retrograde till 27th June, and the occultation! If that’s not enough, Venus will align with Jupiter entering Gemini on 12th June which invites real consideration and awareness for our communication in relationships.

All in all, things are continuing to intensify in 2012. Stay grounded, open, and allow the intuition of your own heart pulse to inform you along the way. EnergyAlchymieHappiness invites you to look experience the fantastic AstrologyWizardWand. This Energy is a transformative current of life-force helping to purify negative influences which we may be dealing with in our own Astrological display.