Nourishment, restoration, renewal, regaining our strength – these are truly important considerations required of us at these testing times. But how to achieve such matters when all round us are going crazy…? There are many Esoteric Artefacts designed specifically to help us create space and regain the integrity of our own forms, specifically when we are under pressures like we are at these times. Artefacts such as Energy Houses, Bubblers and Pendants are of course the most effective currents to be engaging on a daily basis. But there are so many more really powerful Energies that you may have forgotten or not aware of. Here are a few recommended Alchymeic Energies that we are finding most useful at this time. For a full list of Alchymie that you may find useful at this time, click on this link..

*Over the coming weeks we will expand on this list and help give more specific instructions about how to engage these Energies and when to use them. So make sure you come back and continue to catch up on the lates.

Concoction 14 Wand…! This of course is one of the most powerful esoteric Energies designed to help us purify the effects of the mass-communication and fear ‘broadcast’ we are enduring from the Corona Virus situation. We recently posted an article about Concoction 14 and it’s significance at this time. Click here to read

Maha Pendant. There are quite a few pieces of the Alchymeic Jewellery range that we’d love to recommend for people to use at this time, as many of them have a profound clearing effect. However, Maha holds a very special place amongst the Jewellery as a ‘Psychic Clearer’ and holds a big positive energy field arounds us. Maha is a life-positive Energy intended to transmute negative conditions whilst moving to lift the individual to a greater functional capacity. This Pendant holds a protective field of Energy, inviting anything negative within this field to be transmuted. For added focus, touch the Maha pendant with the intention of purifying the environment or some event. This can be sufficient to negate the impact of the surrounding condition. Maha

Wand Energies You Might Have…. There are many Alchymeic Energies available as Wands and Discs that can REALLY help shift the psychic pressures of all that is being communicated subtly at this time. If you have any of these Wands or Discs, we encourage you to get them out and start using them: (Lifestream / Quetzalcoatl / Don’t Fence Me In / Transitionings / The Angel Energies / Psychic Field Stress / Nuclear Tracker)


The NEW Essene Energies. We are coming out of the age of dark into the Light and this is a very literal process – the very multidimensional levels of our being are transitioning through a great process of adaptation. Unlocking the deep wisdom of ‘Light Form’ is of great significance and the Essene Energies are a big part of that shift. The wonderful new Essene Energies are a very important key in helping us make this transition to Light Being now.

The Threshold Packs – 1st to 300 Arranging Pack and beyond! & Stargates Boxes. The Threshold Packs and Stragates are a gift beyond measure! Each Pack consists of a treasure trove of Alchymeic Energies designed to help us go deeper into the transformative process and penetrate the very patterns and matters that are limiting us. Utilising the Stargate Box with specific intention, combined with the Threshold Pack Vials is such a powerful way to transform how you are feeling, how things are effecting you, clearing your responses to things and also empowering you to be a spiritual warrior! Read more about the Threshold Packs Here.


The Bright Room & Tao Energy House. The Energy Houses are the first of the Alchymeic Artefact range to help create sanctuary, or energetic space free from the pressures and demands of lifes struggles. Every single one of the 7 Energy Houses available has a psychic clearing and sanctuary creating effect. But the Bright Room and Tao House are specifically designed to deal with life at this level.Originally designed to support practitioners in varying fields giving one-on-one ‘energy’ sessions, the Energy Houses held the intention to clear the psychic environment of a room, building and beyond, for practitioners to be able to have a clear space to work. However, the demand by individuals at large has been so great, it was decided that they had to be made available to the general public, Read more about the Energy Houses


The Travelling Bubbler – Creating ‘Big’ Psychic Space! Creating ‘space’ is one of the most significant things for us to consider at this time…! When everything is coming in, when we feel like we are loosing our ‘space’ and the integrity of our form, being with a Travelling Bubbler can be one of the most powerful clearing events we can ever experience! These Bubblers are packed with over 88 specialty Psychic Clearing Energies, and their ‘radiant’ esoteric energy is intended to stretch out across a city or township where it is placed. So you are essentially giving a whole lot of people energetic support!