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Hello friends. Sorry for the late arrival of this article. Enjoy 🙂

Here we are in March and it’s already been an interesting year astrologically and one that we are seeing profound influences all over the world.

Have you heard this statement, “Love is Action”? It is a key phrase for this month’s astrology and a great way to help us understand what is required of us at this time. We are being urged to ‘be’ the change we want to see in the world…

Venus has three strong aspects this month, emphasising the heart & relationships. (Conjunction to Mars, Uranus & Neptune).

The month begins with an exalted aspect – Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces. This provides the opportunity to feel a deeper level of fullness in the heart, but more importantly, it also grants us the energy to be more deeply attuned to the Divine. The beginning of the month is a great time to feel and express Unconditional Love – undefined, unlimited, unreasonable and sublime. Spending time in or with the Heart of Space Sanctuaries, Bright Room or Tao Energy Houses would facilitate our alignment to this strong Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces. This is a very strong aspect and if not aligned to can manifest in unconscious energetics – martyrdom, victim behaviour, loneliness, evasiveness, confusion and fear. (The energy “You Don’t Love Me” would help shift such tendencies.)

Venus and Mars conjunct provides an opportunity to demonstrate love. But if our passions are excessive, it can be indulgent and hedonistic, socially overactive and will need tempering with discipline. This is a particularly good time to engage the Alchymeic Energies in the Relationship Collection to help bring all of this into balance. However love is expressed (through our passions, friendships, or service to humanity), March provides the opportunity to deeply feel the Divine presence within our relationships.

Communication may be challenging for the first week of March with Mercury retrograde in Pisces. Some specific Alchymeic Energies to support us with this would be – Excalibur, Candidly Speaking and Mantra of True Sayings. Mercury retrograde helps access deeper awareness and also supports creative communication – lyrics, poetry, script writing, photography, etc. Although Mercury goes direct on March 7th, facilitating clarity, it will be challenged by Jupiter from 8-14th and this could be a very foggy, fanatical, crazy time! Jupiter is under several other challenging aspects, to Saturn and Pluto, making expansion and standing as Truth a challenge. It is an opportunity for understanding, and ultimately liberation. The issues it stirs are vast and include fear, doubt, limitation, responsibility, maturity as well as life, sex, death, energy.

While Jupiter has its challenges with Saturn and Pluto, these two planets will align in a flowing aspect in each others signs (Scorpio and Capricorn), both at 11 degrees. This auspicious aspect supports intense, positive purification of significant life matters, both personal, planetary and socially – including politics, finance, environment, sexuality, responsibility, etc. So watch for the continued changes all over the world.

At the end of the month, Venus, Mars, and Uranus, will embrace, along with the full moon in Libra (ruled by Venus), opposite Sun in Aries (ruled by Mars). A strong emphasis on tolerance, co-operation and humanitarian action. So feel for this level of service to humanity at whatever level you are able. There is always a way that each of us can give back to the whole.

So this month “Love is Action” is the call. May we continue to all grow in our capacity to express and bring Love and self-transcendence to one-another and to the world at large. Remember, this world isn’t going to transform unless we allow ourselves to transform.

Happy March everybody 🙂