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In March we begin to align ourselves towards spiritual surrender, or the spiritual journey towards Easter. Each year, Easter affords us a profound Conscious Process – over the Easter weekend with three days of deep self-reflection, contemplation and resurrection to Consciousness Itself. We take time to look at the born condition – what are the patterns within our own body-mind which have brought about our birth or this karmic cycle. We have the opportunity to reflect upon the ‘frontal line personality’, allowing us to contemplate surrender and letting go – which is ultimately ‘self-sacrifice’ – the demonstration of the Christos or Christ Consciousness. With this contemplation and the appropriate Alchymeic Energies, we are given the opportunity for Real Spiritual advancement through March. Ultimately we come to understand that ‘Real Life’ is a school of learning that does not end – it is a continual flowering over a lifetime.

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Within The Alchymie Of Creation, A Divine Vision Appeared…

Held within the March Energy is the Divine Whisper, inviting the sweet surrender of awakening to the Bliss and the vibratory current of Eternal Life. This Energy walks us through a preparatory corridor. The relics of all of our lives are revealed as we pass through, preparing us for the deep Easter yielding, the gift of Good Friday, the death of separative self. Within the submission through the days of Easter, comes the Spirit of Baptism of the Alchymeic Raison D’etre and the awakening to the threshold of the Christic Passage. This initial current allows the deepening of the dissolution of the frontal line ‘personality’ – a yielding, a letting go and a resurrection, coincident with Easter Sunday. Ultimately, it is the splitting of the horizontal line, the awakening of the Divine incarnating persona, alive as Conscious Light. This is the portal of perfect ‘self’ reflection, burning to ash and awakening to the Risen Light. A truly spiritual passage. In spiritual terms, this current is the awakening to the 4th Stage of Life – pure devotion to the process of awakening whole-bodily.

Alchymeic Energies For March:


  • The Easter Collection – Wands/Discs
  • The Jackdaw Energies – Wands
  • Chakra Collection – Wands/Discs
  • Stand Up And Drop Dead – Disc
  • Fifteen – Disc
  • In Country Sleep – Disc


  • The Christic House


  • Thoth’s Staff


  • Soulfire Octahedron
  • Marque 3 Spacer