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Hello friends. We have had some really great responses to the presence of these fantastic new Archangel Wands. We’d love to share some more of them with you…


“After hearing the initial recording about the creation of the Archangels Wands, I sat and had a simple conversation about the Archangels with a friend. While we were discussing the new Energies, I began to look up the descriptions of each Archangel on the internet and started to read them aloud one by one. I’d never really experienced the Angels and each Angel and their names were very new to me. As I read through the list in full I reached Archangel Jeremiel. Suddenly I felt his presence come right in to my immediate field with a real force. I felt him close up against my right side just above my head. It was so real I could almost physically see him. This was so strong and definitely the strongest I had ever felt an Angelic presence before. My friend felt it immediately in the same moment as I was reading. Jeremiel seemed to want to associate with me very directly – I felt as though, if I had been receptive enough he would have almost entered my form completely… (as strange as that might sound).

As I continued to read, Jeremiel is known as the Archangel of mercy and compassion, offering hopeful messages to those who are troubled or discouraged. Certainly not one I had heard about or would have been drawn to at the level of mind just from reading the description. Later in the morning I called forth his energy and presence again and I could feel him – the current much more feminine and gentle, in a way I had never experienced before, very much a ‘holding’ presence and very, very healing. This is quite bizarre for me as I hadn’t had this kind of relationship to Angelic presences ever before, but I can only presume that since they had now been birthed as the Alchymeic Energy Wands, they are coming into very real association with us here. I can feel they are the energetic support here that we have been asking for.

My association with Jeremiel continued into the following day. I sat and called forth his energy and he rushed into my field and enfolded my entire form with his hands touching all over my auric field. I asked him to help me with another friend of mine who has been having a lot of difficulty and whom I have really wanted to help. I asked him to go to her and help heal and alleviate her pain. After a moment, I felt that he did go to her and respond to my request. He communicated with me from her side and said she needed more work on the Stargate Boxes and that she required a more intense Angelic support than he could provide directly.

After this Jeremiel came back into my direct field and I asked very directly and specifically for him to help me with a circumstance that I was feeling disheartened and despondent about. Immediately I felt his hands slightly larger than I had thought they were, begin to press and massage my auric field slowly as if giving me a deep strong psychic massage. His hands slowed and stopped at my heart centre and I felt one hand on my heart and one on my back. As I relaxed into this current of energy, I realised what was required for me – I had to be released of my feelings of disheartenment and I also felt the level of compassion that I needed to come to in my own being to be healed of it completely. I stayed with him on this for a while and then sat up taller on my stool. Openly I said ‘Thank You’ for what he had done for me and how he had helped me. It was in that moment that I suddenly saw him in his complete form – all white in front of me and to the left side, his tall gigantic wings high above his head. I then crossed my hands over my heart and said ‘God is Gracious’. I saw him close his eyes with his tiny hands over his heart and without saying the words verbally, he felt the acknowlegement.

This was a very intense and profound experience and I was certain without a doubt that these Archangels are here for our direct relationship and healing. Needless to say I ordered an Archangel Jeremiel wand and have since received it and have been working with him on a daily basis. I feel undeniably different since my experience with this Archangel and can assure everyone that these Angels are here and ready to work with us to do some real work in this world. Do not underestimate their power. They are here and they want to help. These Archangel Wands are a direct link, like a doorway allowing them much closer than ever before…”

Thank you,

Solar Chapel