Our latest Alchymie Vial Pack is drawing a lot of attention from energy workers all around the world…! It is inspiring to feel and hear how people are experiencing these wondrous new Alchymeic Energies, and exciting for us to continue to share as much as we are able about these new artefacts, to expand the wisdom and understanding of what is being offered. Here is an article written by one of our Hermes representatives upon receiving and beginning to study these new Energies. Enjoy!

“It is my feeling, intuitive understanding that there is a great re-emergence of lost spiritual wisdom taking place on earth at this time. All the ancient esoteric cultures of Light, which seem to have diminished or been lost for lifetimes are now beginning to re-appear again at this late time. This was predicted – that the sacred wisdom would be held secret and hidden during the dark ages, until such time as future generations were ready and would begin to seek this pure flame. It would appear that this time is now!

There is a new doorway or portal opening through which the Divine Light is entering. We are now at the next stage in the evolution of a new human form. Even despite the energy of this late time and the seemingly impossible dark impenetrable wall of madness spilling endlessly from the bottomless bit on a daily basis, this purifying ‘late time of man’ brings with it a polarity and balance in order for those who are ready to pass through – forwards and upwards into Divine Light. As all the darkness that the world has absorbed through this Karli Yuga is being purged – the Divine Light is ever present and available to mankind now – the Age Of Light is here!

The Essenes were a culture of awakened beings who flourish in and around Roman Judaea, from 2nd century BCE to the 1st century CE. In their day, the process of Divine awakening and ascension would have been like child’s play. The density on earth 2000 years ago was minor in comparison to the psychic pressure of what we are facing at this time, the almost 7 billion untransformed psyches polluting the earth. The Essenes practised a way of life based on the realisation that it was possible for literal dissolution into Light, and their lives were given over to serving this great realisation, and protecting this great wisdom. Their sacred texts suggest that it was possible for beings to attain ‘Light Form’ even whilst alive in a physical body. These days, such suggestions are considered heresy. Yet despite the attempts of science and modern religion to destroy all possible chance for civilisation to realise such possibilities, this ancient wisdom which lay dormant within the living memory of every fibre of our beings is now being activated and re-awakened.

The Alchymeic Essene Product, (like the Alchymeic ‘Zoroastrian’ Product and ‘Temple Of Man’ Product before it), represents an entire body of wisdom and intuitive knowledge that is a part of this sacred lineage. The Essene Alchymeic Energies re-present this vast force of ascension energy that is re-emerging at this time, and reminds us of our own capacity for this within our own forms – these sacred bodies or temples. Divine Light and Ascension are ultimately possible and need to be realised as a part of our own capacity and cellular memory.

An unfolding grace of the Eternal knowing. A deep silence that communicates from eternity and presently. An eternal sound of the Divine Current. As purpose of existence. The walls of the great temples are alive in the great mystery that is our Hearts’ Knowing. We have walked these walls, we know these resounding trumpets.The Echo of the Infinite all at oneness, a depth beyond depths.  Boundless Infinite Rejoicing – choirs of angels heralding”.  – quote from The Essene Pack writing

This Alchymeic Essene Pack holds the most profound and sacred gifts of the ascension process, unlocking the deep inner wisdom and intuitive knowing held within all of us. These Energies are the literal activation and re-stimulation of the codes and networks that until know have not been known or remembered for lifetimes.” – M. Barnaby

Here is an example of these new Essene Alchymie Energies… 

RCsL Grail Ascension Codes
Held within the DNA – already imprinted the Return to the God Light. The ultimate undoing, returned to Oneness Eternally. This Energy is about stirring that Remembrance at a cellular level. Activating these nadis.

RCsL Ba Body
Egyptian Light Body. The Divine Incarnating Persona – the Eternal Current – surrounding the Birth of forgetting. Our journey on the Earth to re-establish, re-awaken and actualise this Awakened state, making it coincident with the living form.

At this time of great change and transition, these Alchemic Energies help to release the karmic bonds and unconscious suffering of lifetimes and reclaim our power of creative capacity in true Happiness. They hold the keys to a great force of Divine Light entering and aid our alignment to this hidden wisdom held eternally within the human form, yet not activated and realised.