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We are excited to announce an Asian tour in November with the new Zoroastrian House, Ball of Light Meditation energy. Allowing this new Alchymeic current to touch the land of Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. If you are in these areas and are interested in participating, please read on…

Our Hermes representative Sunami Designer, has scheduled dates in the following countries. If you are interested to learn more about these Alchymeic Energies, attend the workshops in any of these countries, or interested in private sessions, please contact Sunami Sun, or

– 10th – 14th Nov Hong Kong (workshop 11th, 12th Nov)

– 15th – 22nd Nov Bangkok (workshop 18th, 19th Nov)

– 22nd – 29th Nov Kuala Lumpur (workshop 24th, 25th, 26th Nov)

– 1Dec – 4th Nov Singapore (workshop 2nd, 3rd Dec)

Advanced Alchymie Transformation Workshop, using the Zoroastrian House, Akashic Records and Ball of Light Meditation;

• Create a space of Light with the Zoroastrian Energy House, beyond duality, beyond separation, beyond mind.

• In this Zoroastrian Temple of Light we will access the Akashic records, dissolving our core limiting structures; past, present and future destinies dissolved in the radiance of the present moment of Eternal light.

• Immerse and deepen your meditation using the Ball of Light Meditation Tool – communing with the Divine Current – nourish, renew, realign.