Here at Hermes, we are dedicated to offering the highest quality support to those who are engaging the Alchymeic Energies. It is important to us that people gain a real depth of ‘feeling’ and understanding for the Alchymeic Energies. Each one is a unique Divine gift, a specific locus of intention and transformation that can bring about great energetic shifts and transformations.

Our trained Hermes representatives offer a variety of sessions to help facilitate greater understanding and receptivity of the Alchymeic Energies. Here is a list of what they offer. These sessions can be doing over the phone, skype, or in person. (*If you’d like more information about how to arrange a session, please contact one of our Hermes representatives).

Pure Alchymeic Session

These sessions involve the receiving of the pure Alchymeic Energies and are tailored specifically to your energetic needs and life circumstance. Our highly qualified Alchymeic Practitioners draw from years of immersion with the wisdom teaching of Hermetic Alchymie and bring the art of Real Transformation to allow space for growth, adaptation and awakening. These sessions are a pure Esoteric experience – pure energy work.

– 90min
– $150

Octahedron Session

The Octahedrons are amongst the most extraordinary Alchymeic Energies available within the Alchymie! These unique Energy Tools are specifically designed to unlock the many levels of our energy systems to allow greater levels of flow, energetic nourishment and renewal. These unique sessions consist of body-work using the Octahedrons.

– 45min $75
– 90min $135

Alchymeic Astrology and Tarot Sessions

Astrology and Tarot perform a special function at the Book Of Gates. When we consider ‘holistic’ or ‘wellbeing’, we need to take into account all the higher intuitive functions of our own form. They provide guidance and important insight into our born karma and how this impacts on our daily lives. When combined with the Alchymeic Energies, these sessions become a unique opportunity for spiritual growth and higher adaptation.

– 45min
– $75

Psychic Clearing Session

We all have many energy fields, also called our auric fields. These are constantly affected by interactions with other people and the many places that we visit and work daily. Psychic Clearing needs to be engaged to eliminate, purify and spiritualise all that we are associating with, thereby re-establishing the flow of life-current throughout our multidimensional form. Psychic Clearing is fundamental to wellbeing! When we are clear psychically, everything is allowed to flow again, and life begins to unfold as it should. These sessions consist of part bodywork, part energy work utilising specific Alchymeic Energies designed to support the flow and restoration of our energy systems.

– 1 Hour
– $95

Chakra Clearing Session

Each of us have seven major energy centres, or wheels of energy, in and around the human physical form. When fully balanced and enlivened by the life current, the chakras can be seen psychically as bright wheels of coloured light spinning together in a harmonious and correct fashion. Aligning these energy centres awaken the channels of life-force (the Nadis), and activate the flow of energy to move up through the central channel, the ultimate realisation of which is Enlightenment. All chakras must be fully and equally developed to the complete realisation of their functional potential for this to be possible. These sessions are designed to restore such balance.

– 1 Hour
– $95

Angel Alchymie Sessions

Angel Alchymie arrives as an exhilarating result of a lifetime of transformation and spiritual awakening founded on the principles of Alchymie. This offering of the realisation of “As Above, So Below” allows now a direct communion with the entire display of Angelic Realms, individual Angels and Archangel presences, in order to support the illumination of Humankind and the Earth plane. The union of Hermetic Alchymie and the Angelic Realms arrives at a time when the evolution of human consciousness is sufficient to allow such a shift. This unique marriage creates a whole new possibility for all beings – a greater intensity of ‘Radiant Conscious Light’ now entering and shifting the very fabric of this place, aided by the profound embrace of the Angels to support and guide our transition and ultimate translation into the God Light.

– 90min
– $150

Alchymeic Massage

Massage and bodywork are a very important aspect of wellbeing. In our esoteric understanding, the ‘body’ is energy and not just a solid mass. Therefore, supporting the flow of life force through the bodily system through bodywork is very important. Our bodywork sessions also combine the use of special Alchymeic Energies to enhance greater receptivity, conductivity of the lifeforce and general wellbeing.

– 70 min | $75
– 90 min | $90
– 120 min | $120  (includes an add-on mini beauty treatment – facial cleanse, mask & massage)

“A Therapeutic, Intuitive, Ayurvedic Indian style Massage using clean hand-blended or medicated Ayurvedic body oils. All designed to re-balance & nourish. The addition of Hot Stones or warm Himalayan Salt stones to this massage enhances your massage treatment – warming and releasing deeper into your muscles as well as ease any nervous tension & anxiety. Massages include: neck, shoulders, head, back, legs, feet, arms & face.”

Alchymeic Reiki (Healing Hands)

The great tradition of ‘laying on of hands’ – (healing through touch), is incorporated within the Alchymie on offer at the Book of Gates. For many people, this kind of energy work has been amongst some of the most effective and moving. With our qualified Reiki Masters, utilising some of the most powerful Alchymeic Energies designed for ‘laying on of hands’, this beautiful session is a wonderful, deep moment of transformation and restoration.

– 45min
– $75

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The ‘Book of Gates’

Our Main Centre For Alchymie – Australia

Here in Australia we have a very special place where we facilitate Alchymeic Sessions and groups, called ‘The Book Of Gates’. This unique space is dedicated to Alchymie and supporting people in their deeper process of transformation and growth. Here we facilitate personal sessions as well as group gatherings, also using the Heart Of Space and Bubblers.

The Alchymie Of ‘Anthropocosmic Man’

There is a deep and mysterious ‘Heart Pulse’ that pervades the Book Of Gates Centre, and everything/everyone within it. This tangible feeling of ‘Real’ nourishment and renewal can be immersed in and invoked at every level of your being. It is the embrace of ‘Love’, the restoration to the ‘Mystery Of Life Itself’… We invite you to re-discover your connection to this deep ‘Heart Pulse’.

About Alchymie

Alchymie is about Heart Awakening; the transmutation of density and the unenlightened disposition, into the Gold of Enlightenment or Heart Intelligence. The origins of Alchymie are ancient and mysterious. The legendary Egyptian philosopher and Alchymist, Hermes Trismegistus (also known as Thoth), developed the alchymeic process known as Hermetic, or Hermetic Science and inscribed this wisdom upon a stone tablet known as ‘The Emerald Tablet’. Upon this Emerald Tablet, Hermes inscribed his famous observation “As Above, So Below”, as well as a description and language of the process of creation.

Alchymie is commonly known as the “transformation of base metal into gold.” The process of turning lead into gold is metaphorical or allegorical. Allowing a greater vibration of ‘Light’ to enter our forms, takes a huge amount of energy.

The Alchymie of the Hermes Far Eastern Shining is an exhilarating result of a lifetime of Transformation and Awakening, founded on the principles of ‘Real Hermetic Alchymie’. The union of the Alchymeic Touch and the Book Of Gates Sanctuary environment creates a whole new possibility of deep restoration and psychic renewal for all beings. It arrives at a time when the evolution of human consciousness has become sufficient to allow such an emergence. It is time to support and guide our transition and ultimate re-awakening into the Gold Of Enlightenment. 

The Hermetic Touch – Alchymie Within The Book of Gates 

We offer a selection of unique and wonderful Alchymeic treatments/sessions which perfectly complement your holistic experience. From Tarot and Astrology Readings to Pure Alchymeic Sessions, these moments allow a deeper connection to the ‘Esoteric’ level of wellbeing, the Radiance of the Heart Itself.